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The EIC Accelerator (€2.5M grant and €15M equity financing available) is a highly competitive funding program that has replaced the SME instrument Phase 2 in 2019 and has undergone a testing period in 2019/2020 as the EIC Accelerator Pilot. After Horizon 2020, the new Horizon Europe (2021-2027) program has transformed the EIC Accelerator into a modernised and feature-rich grant platform. As a result, the application process is longer and more stringent than ever before while the written parts have increased dramatically. In the same vein, the addition of audiovisual content like videos, pitch decks, investor decks and more require careful planning and complete project development right from the start.

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    The articles found on Rasph.com reflect the opinions of Rasph or its respective authors and in no way reflect opinions held by the European Commission (EC) or the European Innovation Council (EIC). The provided information aims to share perspectives that are valuable and can potentially inform applicants regarding grant funding schemes such as the EIC Accelerator, EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition or related programs such as Innovate UK in the United Kingdom or the Small Business Innovation and Research grant (SBIR) in the United States.

    The articles can also be a useful resource for other consultancies in the grant space as well as professional grant writers who are hired as freelancers or are part of a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). The EIC Accelerator is part of Horizon Europe (2021-2027) which has recently replaced the previous framework program Horizon 2020.

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    EIC Accelerator TL;DR

    €2.5M Grant + €15M Equity 
    Funding for-profit DeepTech innovations
    Technology prototype + Early customer traction
    2-4 / year
    3 Steps (short/long proposals + interview)
    3 Months of writing + waiting/delays/resubmissions
    up to €25K + Success fee
    €3.5K + Success fee


    Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your EIC Accelerator Interview Preparation: A Step-by-Step Action Plan

    Preparing for an interview, especially for high-stakes scenarios such as the EIC Accelerator pitch, requires a strategic and well-thought-out approach. This guide distills the wisdom from our knowledge sources into a comprehensive, actionable bullet-point list to ensure you’re fully prepped and ready to impress.

    Pre-Interview Preparation

    1. Understand the EIC Rules and Objectives:
      • Familiarize yourself with what the jury looks for and the specific criteria of the EIC Accelerator.
    2. Script Your Pitch:
      • Prepare a word-for-word script for your pitch. Practice until you can deliver it naturally within the 10-minute limit.
    3. Refine Your Q&A Skills:
      • Dedicate a significant portion of your preparation time to practicing for the Q&A session, which can be up to 35 minutes long.
    4. Know Your Application Inside Out:
      • If you didn’t write the application yourself, study it thoroughly. Understand all numbers, strategies, and partners mentioned.

    Practice Makes Perfect

    1. Engage in Pitch Practice:
      • Utilize professional writers or consultants to extensively practice your pitch.
    2. Simulate the Interview Environment:
      • Practice with rapid-fire questions and immediate follow-ups to simulate a high-pressure environment.
    3. Prepare for All Team Members to Answer:
      • Ensure all team members are accustomed to answering questions smoothly and cohesively as a unit.

    Day of the Pitch

    1. No Operational Tasks Before the Pitch:
      • Focus solely on the interview; no distractions.
    2. Revisit the Big Picture:
      • Go through your presentation slides, focusing on the key messages and visions you want to communicate.

    Handling the Q&A Session

    1. Expect Rapid-Fire and Follow-Up Questions:
      • Be prepared to answer quickly and concisely. Practice with a stopwatch for timing.
    2. Develop Standard Answers:
      • Script out responses to highly likely questions and those identified as critical during practice sessions.
    3. Adopt the Right Demeanor:
      • Practice maintaining a composed and confident demeanor, regardless of the question’s difficulty.

    Mock-Jury Practice

    1. Create Stressful Questioning Sessions Internally:
      • Use mock juries within your team to ask challenging questions and provide immediate follow-ups.
    2. Integrate Critical Questioning:
      • Select mock questioners who can play the devil’s advocate, applying pressure through interruptions and difficult questions.

    Final Tips

    • Understand and Articulate Your Unique Selling Points (USP):
      • Be clear on what sets your project apart and be ready to articulate it compellingly.
    • Prepare for Unpleasant Experiences:
      • Sometimes, interactions can be stressful or unpleasant. Prepare mentally for such situations.
    • Avoid Red Flags:
      • Do not give the jury any reason to reject you. Stay away from topics that could lead to negative scrutiny.

    By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll not only boost your confidence but significantly increase your chances of success in any interview scenario, particularly in high-stakes environments like the EIC Accelerator pitch. Remember, under pressure, you won’t rise to the occasion; you’ll fall to the level of your training. Prepare accordingly.


    The articles found on Rasph.com reflect the opinions of Rasph or its respective authors and in no way reflect opinions held by the European Commission (EC) or the European Innovation Council (EIC). The provided information aims to share perspectives that are valuable and can potentially inform applicants regarding grant funding schemes such as the EIC Accelerator, EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition or related programs such as Innovate UK in the United Kingdom or the Small Business Innovation and Research grant (SBIR) in the United States.

    The articles can also be a useful resource for other consultancies in the grant space as well as professional grant writers who are hired as freelancers or are part of a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). The EIC Accelerator is part of Horizon Europe (2021-2027) which has recently replaced the previous framework program Horizon 2020.

    This article was written by ChatEIC. ChatEIC is an EIC Accelerator assistant that can advise on the writing of proposals, discuss current trends and create insightful articles on a variety of topics. The articles written by ChatEIC can contain inaccurate or outdated information.

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    Are you looking for a training program to learn how to apply for the EIC Accelerator?

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    EIC Accelerator TL;DR

    €2.5M Grant + €15M Equity 
    Funding for-profit DeepTech innovations
    Technology prototype + Early customer traction
    2-4 / year
    3 Steps (short/long proposals + interview)
    3 Months of writing + waiting/delays/resubmissions
    up to €25K + Success fee
    €3.5K + Success fee


    Unveiling the Latest EIC Accelerator Results: A Comprehensive Analysis (November 8th 2023 Cut-Off, February 2024 Release)

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator program stands as a system of support for startups and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) across Europe, aiming to fuel innovation and technological advancement. With its latest results published on February 28th, 2024, the EIC Accelerator has once again demonstrated its commitment to fostering groundbreaking projects with a total budget allocation of €285 million. This analysis delves into the distribution of grants and blended financing, the success rates across different stages, and the geographical spread of the winning companies.

    Funding Breakdown: A Closer Look at the Allocation

    In the latest funding cycle, the EIC Accelerator has supported 42 companies, showcasing a diverse range of financing options tailored to meet the varied needs of Europe’s innovators. The distribution of funding types is as follows:

    • Grant First: 12 companies (29%) were awarded grants as an initial funding step, highlighting the EIC’s flexibility in supporting early-stage innovations.
    • Blended Finance: Dominating the funding landscape, 26 companies (62%) received blended finance, combining grants and equity to provide a robust backing for ventures ready to scale up.
    • Equity Only: A single company (2%) secured equity financing, underscoring the EIC’s role in taking a stake in promising enterprises.
    • Grant Only: 3 companies (7%) received grants without the equity component, focusing on projects with specific needs that can be met with direct funding.

    The Path to Success: Analyzing the Success Rates

    The EIC Accelerator’s selection process is rigorous, designed to identify projects with the highest potential impact. The success rates at each stage of the application process are as follows:

    • Step 1: Approximately 70% of applicants pass this initial stage, though exact figures are not disclosed.
    • Step 2: Only 22% of projects make it through, reflecting the increasing scrutiny applications undergo.
    • Step 3: The final step sees a further narrowing, with a 17% success rate.
    • Combined Success Rates: The cumulative success rate for applicants passing through Steps 2 and 3 is a mere 3.9%, while the overall success rate across all three stages is approximately 2.7%.

    Geographical Diversity: A Pan-European Impact

    The latest round of funding has benefited companies from 15 different countries, showcasing the EIC Accelerator’s pan-European reach. Germany leads the pack with 7 companies funded, followed closely by France with 6, and Spain and Sweden each with 5. Other countries with successful applicants include Finland (4), Italy (3), Israel (2), Netherlands (2), Norway (2), and several others with one company each, demonstrating the EIC’s commitment to fostering innovation across the continent.


    The EIC Accelerator’s latest funding results highlight the program’s critical role in supporting the European innovation ecosystem. With a total budget of €285 million, the program has backed 42 companies across a wide range of sectors and countries, underlining the diversity and potential of Europe’s technological landscape. As the EIC Accelerator continues to evolve, its impact on fostering groundbreaking projects and scaling up SMEs is undeniable, making it a cornerstone of Europe’s innovation policy.

    With meticulous attention to supporting diverse financing needs, rigorous selection processes, and a commitment to geographical inclusivity, the EIC Accelerator is paving the way for a more innovative and resilient Europe. As we look forward to future rounds of funding, the results from February 2024 serve as a testament to the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit that thrives across the continent.

    Funding Data

    Type of Funding

    • Grant first: 12 companies (29%)
    • Blended finance: 26 companies (62%)
    • Equity only: 1 company (2%)
    • Grant only: 3 companies (7%)
    • Total: 42 Companies


    • Total Budget: €285 million

    Cut-Off Date and Results

    • EIC Accelerator Step 2 cutoff date: November 8th 2023
    • Publication of results: February 28th 2024

    Success Rates

    • Step 1: (approximately 70% since results are not published)
    • Step 2: 22%
    • Step 3: 17%
    • Step 2 & Step 3 combined: 3.9%
    • Step 1 & Step 2 & Step 3 combined: (approximately 2.7%)

    Funded Countries

    There are 15 different countries among the funded companies.

    • Germany: 7 companies
    • France: 6 companies
    • Spain: 5 companies
    • Sweden: 5 companies
    • Finland: 4 companies
    • Italy: 3 companies
    • Israel: 2 companies
    • Netherlands: 2 companies
    • Norway: 2 companies
    • Belgium: 1 company
    • Bulgaria: 1 company
    • Denmark: 1 company
    • Ireland: 1 company
    • Portugal: 1 company
    • Slovakia: 1 company

    All 42 EIC Accelerator Winners from November 8th 2023

    D-CRBN BVD-CRBNPlasma-based point-source CCU technology to recycle CO2 into added value chemicals to decarbonize hard- to-abate industriesBelgium2023
    Smart Farm Robotix OODRoboAIweederA fully autonomous solar-powered lightweight weeding robot, using AI for plant recognition, precision
    contact and contactless weeding methods suited for hard soils, hilly terrains and arid climates.
    Golden Devices GmbHACTIVATINGAdditive Manufactured Automotive Antenna for Autonomous DrivingGermany2023
    UniverCell Holding GmbHC2C-CSACustomized 21700 cylindrical cells for special applicationsGermany2023
    FERROELECTRIC MEMORY GMBHFe-NVRAMSolving the scaling challenge of the memory industry: high-speed, low-complexity and low-cost non-volatile ferroelectric memory (Fe-NVRAM) made in EUGermany2023
    QUBEDOT GMBHiSMILEiSMILE - integrated scalable microLED enginesGermany2023
    Lumoview Building Analytics
    LumoGen1Pioneering automated building digitisation with Lumoview for empowered decision-making in energy-
    efficient building renovation
    Omegga GmbHOmeggaThe world's first low-cost in-ovo sexing solution to finally end chick cullingGermany2023
    O11 biomedical GmbHRESPILIQRESPILIQ - enteral CO2 absorption for the therapy of hypercapnic lung failureGermany2023
    HYME STORAGE APSHYSEHYdroxide Salt Energy Storage InnovationDenmark2023
    AptaTargets, S.L.ApTOLLApTOLL: An innovative neuroprotectant to reduce brain damage in Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS)Spain2023
    FASTBASE SOLUTIONS SOCIEDAD LIMITADAIOO - Improving IOIOO: a novel assay to predict patient response to immune checkpoint inhibitors, optimising patient stratification to these therapies and tripling solid tumour patient outcomes in immuno-oncology.Spain2023
    MIQROScalable Quantum Cryptography for Ultra-secure Communications in Metropolitan NetworksSpain2023
    PlexigridPlexigrid: Plexar Operated GridsSpain2023
    IQM FINLAND OYBIGQECBuilding industrial-grade quantum computers with error correction and mitigation capabilitiesFinland2023
    SpinDrive OyMAGMA X100The smallest, most affordable and efficient active magnetic bearings for ultra-high-speed applicationsFinland2023
    Basemark OyRocksolid ARMaking Driving Safer with Augmented realityFinland2023
    VEXLUM OYSEMIQLEAPNovel Semiconductor Lasers for the Industrial Quantum LeapFinland2023
    Look Up SpaceATLAS2Acceleration Towards LEO Automatic Space SafetyFrance2023
    Defacto Technologies SASEmpoSoCA Paradigm Change for System-on-Chip Design to Enable Higher Performance with Lower Time-to-Market
    and Cost
    ION-XHYPERIONThe Most Efficient Space Propulsion Ever Put in SpaceFrance2023
    QfluidicsQFLUIDICSThe first non-clogging continuous flow reactor technologyFrance2023
    Pertinent eco-solutionsVERANOGroundbreaking biocontrol solutions for a resilient agricultureFrance2023
    Womed SASWOMEDWOMED: an innovative intrauterine biodegradable polymer-based drug-delivery platformFrance2023
    MBRYONICS LIMITEDStarCom OISLStarCom Optical Inter-Satellite Link.Ireland2023
    NECTIN THERAPEUTICSNTX1088First-in-class anti-PVR mAb NTX1088 - a novel oncology drug that unlocks the power of human immune
    system and revolutionizes cancer care
    NovelradNVCDMinimally invasive suturing for vascular bore closure and heart defect repairIsrael2023
    BETAGLUE TECHNOLOGIES S.P.A.BAT-90A Novel ‘Radiotherapy from Within’ Platform Technology for the Targeted Treatment of Solid Tumours Called ‘BAT-90’Italy2023
    MOI COMPOSITES SRLCFM4IndustryContinuous Fiber Manufacturing for IndustryItaly2023
    SILK BIOMATERIALS SRLKLISBioSilk fibroin tissue grafting for peripheral nerve repairItaly2023
    FLASC B.V.FLASC HPESA novel Renewable Energy Storage System tailored for Offshore ApplicationsNetherlands2023
    ReLifeA new life for people with severe disabling cluster headache: Neuromodulation therapy using safe, minimally-
    invasive simultaneous stimulation at the front and back of the head
    DoMore Diagnostics ASHistotype PxPrecision biomarker based on digital pathology and artificial intelligence to guide fast and cost-effective personalized treatment decision support for colorectal cancer patientsNorway2023
    Ocean Visuals ASOWLHyper-Spectral Laser Induced Fluorescence LiDAR to detect Submerged Oil over Water in real-time on a molecular level.Norway2023
    DELOX - INVESTIGACAO, PROCESSOS E EQUIPAMENTOS CIENTIFICOS, LDADeloxAirDelox Air - Continuous air bio-decontamination compatible with human presencePortugal2023
    Cellfion ABCNF MembraneDevelopment and manufacturing of forest-based membranes for electrochemical energy devicesSweden2023
    Compular ABCOMPULARAdvanced Simulation Software With Patented Method Optimised For Battery DevelopmentSweden2023
    Millow ABMEATLOWInnovative patented dry fermentation technology for cost-effective and highly nutritious production of hybrid mycelium-plant meat analoguesSweden2023
    GEDEA BIOTECH ABpHyphBreakthrough dual-action OTC tablet for treatment and prevention of both bacterial and fungal vaginitisSweden2023
    QLUCORE ABQIandQDThe first IVDR-approved commercial software solutions for AI-powered RNA-based companion and precision cancer diagnostics of acute myeloid leukaemia and bladder cancerSweden2023
    POWERFUL MEDICAL s. r. o.OMI AI ECG ModelOMI AI ECG Model - application for more accurate heart attack diagnosisSlovakia2023


    The articles found on Rasph.com reflect the opinions of Rasph or its respective authors and in no way reflect opinions held by the European Commission (EC) or the European Innovation Council (EIC). The provided information aims to share perspectives that are valuable and can potentially inform applicants regarding grant funding schemes such as the EIC Accelerator, EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition or related programs such as Innovate UK in the United Kingdom or the Small Business Innovation and Research grant (SBIR) in the United States.

    The articles can also be a useful resource for other consultancies in the grant space as well as professional grant writers who are hired as freelancers or are part of a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). The EIC Accelerator is part of Horizon Europe (2021-2027) which has recently replaced the previous framework program Horizon 2020.

    This article was written by ChatEIC. ChatEIC is an EIC Accelerator assistant that can advise on the writing of proposals, discuss current trends and create insightful articles on a variety of topics. The articles written by ChatEIC can contain inaccurate or outdated information.

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    EIC Accelerator TL;DR

    €2.5M Grant + €15M Equity 
    Funding for-profit DeepTech innovations
    Technology prototype + Early customer traction
    2-4 / year
    3 Steps (short/long proposals + interview)
    3 Months of writing + waiting/delays/resubmissions
    up to €25K + Success fee
    €3.5K + Success fee


    Unveiling the Future of European Innovation: A Deep Dive into the EIC Work Programme 2024

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) Work Programme 2024, detailed in the document, outlines its comprehensive strategy and components designed to foster innovation within the European Union. Here are the main components and highlights:

    1. Strategic Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): The EIC aims to support breakthrough technologies and companies critical for achieving the green and digital transition, ensuring open strategic autonomy in critical technologies. It has set six strategic goals, including becoming the investor of choice for high potential startups and entrepreneurs, bridging financing gaps for deep tech companies, supporting high-risk technologies, increasing the number of European unicorns and scale-ups, catalyzing innovation impacts from European public research, and achieving operational excellence.
    2. Overview of the 2024 Work Programme: The Work Programme organizes its funding and support across three main schemes:
      1. EIC Pathfinder: For advanced research to develop the scientific basis for breakthrough technologies.
      2. EIC Transition: To validate technologies and develop business plans for specific applications.
      3. EIC Accelerator: To support companies in bringing innovations to market and scaling up.
      4. Each scheme is augmented with access to Business Acceleration Services, providing expertise, corporates, investors, and ecosystem actors.
    3. Main Changes of the 2024 Work Programme: Adjustments, improvements, and simplifications have been made based on feedback and the reduced budget. These changes include the introduction of a lump sum cost model for most calls, reinforced measures against economic security risks, and adjustments in eligibility and funding criteria across different schemes.
    4. Key Features of EIC Support: A blend of financial and non-financial support is offered to accelerate and grow EIC innovations and companies. This includes proactive project and portfolio management, a tailored approach to proposal evaluation, policies on open access and Intellectual Property rights, and measures to ensure economic security.
    5. Collaboration with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): The document outlines the increasing collaboration between EIC and EIT to strengthen the European Innovation Ecosystem, including shared services, the Fast Track process, and the new innovation intern scheme.
    6. Outlook for 2025 and Future Years: Future strategies and potential new synergies are discussed, including the possibility of increased budgets for larger investments through the EIC Fund in key focal areas.
    7. Glossary and Definitions: The document concludes with a detailed glossary and definitions section, explaining the terminology and acronyms used throughout the Work Programme.

    These components collectively aim to support the European Union’s strategic objectives in innovation, research, and technological development, emphasizing high-risk, high-gain research, and breakthrough technologies with the potential for significant societal and economic impact.

    1. Strategic Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    In a landmark move to propel European innovation into the future, the European Innovation Council (EIC) has laid out a bold vision with its Work Programme 2024, focusing on identifying, developing, and scaling up breakthrough technologies and companies that are pivotal for the EU’s green and digital transition. This vision is underpinned by strategic objectives designed to ensure Europe’s open strategic autonomy in critical technologies, fostering a vibrant ecosystem where high-potential startups and entrepreneurs can thrive. The programme’s ambition is not just to bridge the financing gaps faced by deep tech companies but to position the EIC as the investor of choice for visionary ideas, thereby influencing the allocation of private assets in support of these innovations.

    At the heart of the EIC’s strategic vision are six ambitious goals, each accompanied by clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that aim to measure progress and guide the implementation of the programme:

    1. Becoming the Investor of Choice: The EIC seeks continent-wide recognition, attracting high-potential startups, entrepreneurs, and innovative researchers, with a special emphasis on underrepresented groups such as women innovators and those from less developed ecosystems.
    2. Crowding in €30-50 Billion Investment into European Deep Tech: By addressing the critical financing gap, the EIC aims to leverage its fund to significantly impact the deep tech ecosystem, fostering a climate where private investment flows more freely to support groundbreaking innovations.
    3. Supporting High-Risk Technologies: In areas critical for society and strategic autonomy, the EIC is committed to taking calculated risks to support the most promising deep tech opportunities from the earliest stages to commercial scale-up, ensuring Europe’s independence in key technologies.
    4. Increasing the Number of European Unicorns and Scale-ups: The EIC is on a mission to nurture the growth of European startups and SMEs to match and surpass their global counterparts, fostering an environment where European innovations can lead on the world stage.
    5. Catalyzing Innovation Impacts from European Public Research: By building partnerships across the EU, the EIC aims to commercialize the best ideas from the research base, creating a fertile ground for startups to scale up and make a global impact.
    6. Achieving Operational Excellence: The efficiency, agility, and responsiveness of the EIC’s operations are designed to meet the high expectations of applicants, investors, and the market at large, ensuring a smooth path from innovative idea to market success.

    These strategic goals are not just ambitious targets but represent a comprehensive blueprint for Europe’s innovation landscape, aiming to create a fertile ecosystem for breakthrough technologies that will define the future of the EU’s economy and society. Through a combination of financial and non-financial support, the EIC is setting the stage for a transformative impact that extends far beyond the immediate horizon, ensuring that Europe remains at the forefront of innovation and technology.

    2. Overview of the 2024 Work Programme

    The 2024 European Innovation Council (EIC) Work Programme represents a pivotal stride towards fostering innovation and technological breakthroughs within the European Union. Structured to address the critical needs of the green and digital transition, it leverages over EUR 1.2 billion in funding, orchestrating a comprehensive strategy to empower researchers, startups, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Here’s an in-depth look at its structural overview:

    EIC Pathfinder, Transition, and Accelerator: The Three Pillars

    The Work Programme is ingeniously segmented into three primary funding schemes, each tailored to different stages of innovation and development:

    • EIC Pathfinder: Dedicated to advanced research, the Pathfinder is the birthplace of scientific exploration aimed at developing the foundational elements of breakthrough technologies. It encompasses both open calls for any field of scientific inquiry and targeted challenges addressing specific, strategic interests of the Union.
    • EIC Transition: This segment focuses on validating technologies and crafting business plans for specific applications, serving as a bridge from theoretical research to marketable innovation. Transition projects aim to propel validated technologies closer to market readiness.
    • EIC Accelerator: The Accelerator stands as the culmination of the EIC’s support structure, assisting companies in bringing innovations to market and scaling them up. It is specifically designed for SMEs, startups, spin-offs, and in exceptional cases, small mid-caps, providing both grant and equity funding.

    Integrated Business Acceleration Services

    A distinguishing feature of the EIC Work Programme is the integration of Business Acceleration Services across all three funding schemes. These services offer unparalleled access to expertise, corporates, investors, and ecosystem actors, significantly augmenting the direct financial support provided to innovators.

    Open Funding and Strategic Challenges

    The Programme emphasizes flexibility and strategic focus through its dual approach to funding: “Open” calls support technologies and innovations across any field without predefined priorities, while “Challenges” target innovations of strategic interest to the Union. This approach ensures that while fostering wide-ranging scientific exploration, the Programme also concentrates efforts on areas critical for the Union’s strategic autonomy and societal challenges.

    Follow-on Investments and Innovation Prizes

    In addition to direct funding, the Programme allocates budgets for follow-on investments in companies previously selected under EIC schemes, ensuring sustained support for promising innovations. It also features innovation prizes and additional supporting actions, such as expert contracts and IT infrastructure, further enriching the ecosystem for European innovators.

    Proactive Management and Tailored Support

    The EIC Work Programme introduces innovative management approaches, including “Booster” grants for ongoing projects, a Fast Track scheme for accelerated access to the EIC Accelerator, and a “Plug in” for projects from national programmes. These initiatives are designed to maximize linkages between different funding schemes and to streamline the path from research to market for European innovations.

    The 2024 EIC Work Programme stands as a testament to the European Union’s commitment to pioneering a future where innovative research and technology lead the way in addressing societal challenges and securing economic growth. Through its structured support across the innovation lifecycle, the Programme aims to transform the European innovation landscape, making it a global leader in technological breakthroughs and sustainable development.

    3. Main Changes of the 2024 Work Programme

    The 2024 Work Programme of the European Innovation Council (EIC) introduces several key adjustments, enhancements, and simplifications compared to its predecessor, reflecting feedback from the EIC Board, budgetary considerations, and practical insights gained from previous implementations. These changes are aimed at refining the programme’s effectiveness, streamlining its operations, and optimizing its impact on European innovation and technological advancement. Let’s delve into the significant modifications:

    Introduction of Lump Sum Cost Model

    A notable change is the introduction of a lump sum cost model for most EIC calls, except for the Pathfinder Open. This approach aims to simplify the financial management for beneficiaries by eliminating detailed financial reporting requirements, thus reducing administrative burdens and allowing innovators to focus more on their projects.

    Enhanced Economic Security Measures

    The Work Programme strengthens measures to mitigate economic security risks, reflecting the EIC’s commitment to safeguarding the EU’s strategic interests, technological autonomy, and assets against potential external threats. These measures include tailored eligibility criteria and investment safeguards, particularly for areas sensitive to economic security, such as artificial intelligence and quantum technologies.

    Budget Adjustments

    Budgetary adjustments have been made across all main EIC calls due to the withdrawal of the Next Generation EU contribution and the necessity to reserve funds for follow-on financing for companies previously selected under the EIC Accelerator calls. This recalibration ensures that the EIC continues to support innovation effectively within its financial parameters.

    Specific Scheme Adjustments

    • EIC Pathfinder: The removal of the rebuttal pilot from the evaluation process and updates to specific rules on Intellectual Property reflect the EIC’s ongoing efforts to streamline processes and align with best practices.
    • EIC Transition: The 2024 Work Programme does not include challenge topics under the Transition call, broadening the eligibility to encompass results from Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe Pillar II projects. This expansion aims to facilitate a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to transition support.
    • EIC Accelerator: Notable changes include the discontinuation of the “grant first” support option, adjustments to the criteria for passing the short application stage, and the introduction of consensus meetings for full application evaluations. These modifications are designed to enhance the evaluation process’s rigor and fairness.

    These strategic adjustments to the EIC Work Programme 2024 underscore the Council’s adaptive and responsive approach to fostering a dynamic and resilient innovation ecosystem in Europe. By refining its operational framework and aligning its resources with emerging needs and opportunities, the EIC is poised to continue playing a pivotal role in advancing the EU’s strategic innovation goals.

    4. Key Features of EIC Support

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) Work Programme 2024 introduces a robust framework designed to significantly enhance the support provided to innovators and deep tech companies across Europe. This strategic approach combines both financial and non-financial support mechanisms tailored to accelerate the growth and scaling up of groundbreaking innovations. Here’s an in-depth exploration of the key features of EIC support and how they aim to transform the European innovation landscape:

    A Combination of Financial and Non-Financial Support

    The EIC’s support extends beyond mere funding, aiming to foster the emergence, acceleration, and growth of innovative technologies and deep tech companies. Recognizing the multifaceted challenges faced by innovators, the EIC offers a blend of financial support and Business Acceleration Services (BAS). This combination is pivotal in not just overcoming financial hurdles but also in addressing technical, market, and ecosystem-related challenges, thereby ensuring a holistic approach to innovation development.

    Proactive Project and Portfolio Management

    A distinctive aspect of the EIC’s support is the proactive management of projects and portfolios by EIC Programme Managers. This approach ensures that projects are not just financially supported but are also guided and advised throughout their lifecycle. EIC Programme Managers work closely with innovators, providing them with strategic direction and operational support to navigate the complexities of bringing cutting-edge technologies to market. This hands-on engagement is designed to maximize the impact of EIC funding and support, pushing the boundaries of what is technologically possible and marketable.

    Tailored Approach to Proposal Evaluation

    The EIC adopts a tailored approach to proposal evaluation, recognizing the unique challenges and requirements of different stages of innovation development. For early-stage, high-risk projects, the evaluation emphasizes scientific excellence and the potential for breakthroughs. As projects mature, the focus shifts towards market readiness, commercial potential, and the ability to scale. This nuanced evaluation process ensures that support is provided to the most promising innovations, tailored to their specific development stage and market potential.

    Open Access and Intellectual Property Rights

    The EIC champions policies of open access to scientific publications and the strategic management of intellectual property rights (IPR). This stance is designed to maximize the dissemination and impact of research findings while ensuring that innovators can protect and leverage their intellectual assets effectively. By encouraging open access and providing guidance on IPR, the EIC facilitates a balance between knowledge sharing and the commercialization potential of innovations.

    Economic Security Measures

    In recognition of the strategic importance of certain technologies and the potential risks associated with external dependencies, the EIC has implemented measures to safeguard Europe’s economic security. These measures include eligibility criteria that consider the control of entities by non-associated third countries and investment safeguards in critical technology areas such as artificial intelligence and quantum technologies. This careful consideration of economic security ensures that EIC support contributes to the EU’s strategic autonomy and resilience.

    The EIC Work Programme 2024’s approach, characterized by its blend of financial and non-financial support, proactive management, tailored evaluation, and strategic considerations of open access and economic security, signifies a comprehensive effort to foster a thriving innovation ecosystem in Europe. By addressing the multifaceted needs of innovators and focusing on strategic technology areas, the EIC aims to position Europe at the forefront of global technological advancement and economic competitiveness.

    5. Collaboration with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

    The collaboration between the European Innovation Council (EIC) and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) embodies a significant strategic alliance aimed at strengthening the European Innovation Ecosystem. This partnership leverages the strengths of both institutions to create a more cohesive and impactful innovation landscape across Europe. Here’s a detailed exploration of the key aspects and implications of this collaboration:

    Strengthening the European Innovation Ecosystem

    The EIC and EIT, along with EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), are working closely to enhance the innovation ecosystem within the EU. This collaboration focuses on several key areas, including facilitating access to services for European innovators and streamlining the pathway from ideation to market readiness.

    Fast Track Process and Business Acceleration Services

    A pivotal element of this partnership is the Fast Track process introduced by EIT KICs. This innovative process allows companies selected by EIT KICs to enter the EIC Accelerator evaluation at the second stage, thereby accelerating their access to funding and support. Moreover, EIC beneficiaries gain access to services provided by EIT KICs through established partnerships with EIC Business Acceleration Services, enriching the support ecosystem for European innovators.

    Launch of the Innovation Intern Scheme

    The collaboration will see the launch of the “Next Generation Talents” innovation intern scheme in 2024. This program aims to create symbiotic relationships between EIT Label Masters and Doctoral programs, EIT Alumni, EIT Jumpstarter beneficiaries, and EIC and EIT-supported startups and SMEs. Through secondments, this scheme promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience, fostering a new generation of innovation leaders.

    Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

    A notable focus of the EIC-EIT collaboration is the promotion of women entrepreneurs. This is manifested through shared access to the EIC Women Leadership Programme and the organization of joint women innovators prizes, highlighting the commitment to gender equality in the innovation sector.

    Implications and Outlook

    The partnership between the EIC and EIT, particularly through initiatives like the Fast Track process and the innovation intern scheme, is poised to create a more integrated and supportive environment for innovators across Europe. By combining resources, expertise, and networks, the EIC and EIT are not only enhancing the efficiency of the innovation process but also ensuring that European innovations continue to lead on the global stage.

    This strategic collaboration signals a forward-looking approach to innovation support, emphasizing the importance of connectivity, inclusivity, and agility within the European innovation ecosystem. As this partnership evolves, it is expected to unlock new opportunities for innovators, foster a culture of collaboration, and drive the development of groundbreaking solutions to societal challenges.

    As we look to the future, the continued integration of EIC and EIT activities is anticipated to be a cornerstone of Europe’s innovation strategy, reinforcing the continent’s position as a leader in technological advancement and sustainable growth.

    6. Outlook for 2025 and Future Years

    As we look towards 2025 and beyond, the European Innovation Council (EIC) Work Programme 2024 lays the foundation for a strategic and forward-looking approach to innovation and technological development within the European Union. This future-oriented perspective is crucial for maintaining and enhancing Europe’s competitive edge in the global innovation landscape. Here, we delve into the outlook for 2025 and the subsequent years as outlined in the EIC Work Programme:

    Fostering Breakthrough Innovations and Technologies

    The EIC is committed to identifying and supporting groundbreaking innovations that have the potential to drive significant societal and economic transformations. As we move into 2025 and beyond, the focus will increasingly be on technologies that contribute to the green and digital transitions, ensuring that Europe remains at the forefront of addressing global challenges such as climate change, sustainability, and digitalization.

    Increasing Synergies within the European Innovation Ecosystem

    The collaboration between the EIC and other key players within the European innovation ecosystem, such as the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and national funding bodies, will continue to strengthen. This coordinated approach aims to maximize the impact of European innovation initiatives, fostering a more integrated and efficient ecosystem that supports innovators at every stage of their journey.

    Adapting to Emerging Challenges and Opportunities

    The EIC Work Programme emphasizes the importance of flexibility and adaptability in responding to new challenges and opportunities that arise. This includes the potential for new funding mechanisms, enhanced support services, and strategic partnerships that can leverage emerging technologies and innovation trends. The Programme also highlights the need for ongoing evaluation and adjustment of its strategies to ensure they remain aligned with evolving priorities and objectives.

    Strengthening European Strategic Autonomy

    A key aspect of the EIC’s future outlook is the emphasis on supporting innovations that contribute to Europe’s open strategic autonomy, particularly in critical technology areas such as AI, biotechnology, and new materials. By fostering a strong and independent technological base, the EIC aims to enhance Europe’s resilience and capacity to shape global technological developments in line with European values and interests.

    Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity in Innovation

    The EIC Work Programme underscores the commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity within the innovation community. This involves supporting underrepresented groups, encouraging women entrepreneurs, and ensuring that the benefits of innovation are widely distributed across all regions of the EU. The aim is to create a more inclusive innovation ecosystem that reflects the diversity of European society.

    Looking Ahead: A Vision for the Future

    As we look towards the future, the EIC Work Programme 2024 and its outlook for 2025 and beyond represent a comprehensive strategy for advancing European innovation. By focusing on breakthrough technologies, fostering synergies within the innovation ecosystem, adapting to emerging challenges, strengthening strategic autonomy, and promoting inclusivity, the EIC is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of innovation in Europe and beyond.

    This vision for the future is not just about technological advancement; it’s about creating a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future for all Europeans. As we move forward, the EIC will continue to adapt, evolve, and innovate to ensure that Europe remains a global leader in the field of innovation.

    7. Glossary and Definitions

    The Glossary and Definitions section of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Work Programme 2024 serves as a comprehensive guide, providing clarity on the terms, entities, and acronyms used throughout the document. This section is critical for readers to fully understand the scope, objectives, and operational mechanisms of the EIC’s initiatives. Here’s an in-depth exploration of the key terminologies and their implications within the context of fostering innovation and technological development in the European Union:

    EIC Board

    The EIC Board plays a pivotal role in overseeing the strategy and implementation of EIC activities. Comprising 20 leading innovators and researchers, including the EIC President, it provides strategic advice on Work Programmes and ensures the alignment of EIC’s initiatives with the broader EU policies and innovation objectives.

    EIC Fund and EIC Fund Manager

    The EIC Fund, an alternative investment fund (AIF), represents a novel approach to financing breakthrough innovations. Managed by an external AIFM (EIC Fund Manager), it focuses on investing in companies selected through EIC Accelerator calls, highlighting the EIC’s commitment to supporting high-potential innovations from conception to market readiness.

    EIC Programme Managers and Tech to Market Advisers

    EIC Programme Managers are high-level experts responsible for developing visions for breakthrough technologies and managing EIC Portfolios. They are complemented by EIC Tech to Market Advisers, who assist primarily with EIC Transition projects, emphasizing the EIC’s proactive approach to innovation development.

    Business Acceleration Services (BAS)

    EIC Business Acceleration Services are crucial for supporting the commercialization and scaling of EIC innovations. They provide access to a wide range of services, including coaching, training, and networking opportunities with global partners, underlining the EIC’s holistic approach to innovation support.

    Intellectual Property (IP) and Open Access

    The EIC emphasizes the strategic management of intellectual property rights and advocates for open access to scientific publications. This approach aims to balance the dissemination of research findings with the protection of intellectual assets, facilitating both innovation and knowledge sharing.

    EIC Marketplace and Community Platform

    The EIC Marketplace and Community Platform are designed to foster interaction and collaboration within the innovation ecosystem. They serve as virtual spaces where EIC Awardees, researchers, and other stakeholders can connect, share insights, and explore business opportunities.

    Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs)

    TRLs are used to assess the maturity of technologies, guiding the support provided by the EIC across different stages of innovation development. This system ensures that projects receive appropriate support based on their development stage, from basic research to market deployment.

    Seal of Excellence

    The Seal of Excellence is a quality label awarded to proposals that meet all evaluation criteria but are not directly funded by the EIC due to budget constraints. It facilitates access to other funding sources, showcasing the EIC’s commitment to recognizing and supporting high-quality innovation projects.

    The Glossary and Definitions section is an indispensable resource for understanding the EIC Work Programme 2024. It provides the foundational knowledge required to navigate the EIC’s complex landscape of support mechanisms, funding opportunities, and strategic initiatives aimed at propelling European innovation to new heights.



    The document outlines the estimated indicative budgets for various calls and actions within the European Innovation Council (EIC) Work Programme 2024, as detailed in Annex 1. Here are the key budget allocations (in EUR million):

    • HORIZON-EIC-2024-ACCELERATOROPEN-01 (Grant and Equity components): 375
    • HORIZON-EIC-2024-ACCELERATORCHALLENGES-01- (Grant and Equity components): 150
    • Reserve amount for follow-on investments: 225
    • HORIZON-EIC-2024-BOOSTER: 300
    • Prizes: 120
    • Public Procurement Actions: 180
    • Expert contracts: 180
    • Scientific and technical services by the Joint Research Centre: 6
    • Contribution agreement with the European Investment Bank for indirect management of the EIC Fund: 2.6
    • Additional Budget Allocations:
      • Additional budget for various purposes: 12.1
      • Budget for other specified activities: 7.5
      • Budget allocated for specific initiatives: 0.4
      • Budget for further specified actions: 1.5
    • ESTIMATED TOTAL BUDGET: 1.235 billion

    These budgets are indicative and subject to change following evaluation, with the possibility of varying by up to 20% compared to the total budget indicated in the Work Programme​​.


    The EIC Work Programme 2024 outlines several key calls across its main funding schemes: EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition, and EIC Accelerator. Below is a summary of these calls, including their focus areas, application criteria, deadlines, and indicative budgets:

    EIC Pathfinder

    • Who Can Apply: Consortia for Open calls; smaller consortia, single applicants, and larger consortia for Challenges calls.
    • EIC Open Focus: Grants up to EUR 3 million for projects to achieve proof of principle and validate the scientific basis of breakthrough technologies (aiming at TRL3 or 4).
    • Deadline: 7 March 2024
    • Indicative Budget: EUR 136 million

    EIC Transition

    • Who Can Apply: Single applicants (SMEs, spin-offs, start-ups, research organisations, universities) or small consortia (2 to 5 eligible entities).
    • Focus: Grants of up to EUR 2.5 million to validate and demonstrate technology in application-relevant environments (starting at TRL 3/4 aiming at achieving TRL 5/6) and develop business and market readiness.
    • Deadline: 18 September 2024
    • Indicative Budget: EUR 94 million

    EIC Accelerator

    • Who Can Apply: Single start-ups and SMEs (including spin-offs), individuals (intending to launch a start-up/SME), and in exceptional cases, small mid-caps (fewer than 499 employees).
    • Focus: Grant component for innovation activities (starting at TRL 5 or 6 aiming at achieving higher TRLs) with investment components of EUR 0.5 to 15 million for scaling up and other activities.
    • Short Applications: Any time (continuous)
    • Full Applications Deadlines: 13 March 2024 and 3 October 2024
    • Indicative Budget: EUR 375 million for Open calls and EUR 300 million for Challenge calls

    EIC Challenge Calls

    • EIC Challenges: Include “Solar-to-X” devices, cement and concrete as a carbon sink, nature-inspired alternatives for food packaging and films, nanoelectronics for energy-efficient smart edge devices, and protecting EU space infrastructure with a single deadline on 16 October 2024. Additional challenges focus on Human Centric Generative AI, virtual worlds and augmented interaction supporting Industry 5.0, the smart edge & quantum technology components, food from precision fermentation and algae, monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics for emerging viruses, and renewable energy sources and their whole value chain.
    • Indicative Budgets: EUR 120 million for Pathfinder Challenges and EUR 300 million for Accelerator Challenges​​.

    These calls are structured to cover a wide range of innovative projects, from early-stage breakthrough technology development in the Pathfinder scheme, through technology validation and demonstration in the Transition scheme, to market scaling in the Accelerator scheme. The detailed conditions for funding and eligibility are described in the annexes of the document.


    The document provides a comprehensive overview of various collaborators or entities directly or indirectly involved with the European Innovation Council (EIC) Work Programme 2024. These entities play a crucial role in implementing, supporting, and benefiting from the EIC’s initiatives. Here’s a summary of key entities involved:

    1. The Joint Research Centre (JRC): Recognized as being established in a Member State other than those where other legal entities participating in the action are established​​.
    2. Public Procurers: Involved in ‘Pre-commercial procurement’ actions and ‘Public procurement of innovative solutions’ actions, forming a ‘buyers’ group’ consisting of a minimum of two independent legal entities that are public procurers, each established in a different Member State or Associated Country, with at least one established in a Member State​​.
    3. EIC Pathfinder and EIC Transition Projects: Managed by the Agency, these projects are eligible for the Fast Track scheme to apply for the EIC Accelerator​​.
    4. Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs): Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), relevant schemes managed by KICs are identified as relevant by each KIC for the Fast Track scheme​​.
    5. Eurostars-2 Joint Programme and the Partnership on Innovative SMEs: Managed by the Eureka secretariat and relevant national bodies, these funding schemes for SMEs are also eligible for the Fast Track scheme​​.
    6. Companies awarded under the Horizon 2020 EIC pilot Accelerator and the Horizon Europe EIC Accelerator: Managed by the Agency, these companies are part of the Fast Track scheme​​.
    7. National or Regional Programmes: The pilot Plug-in scheme applies to proposals resulting from existing national or regional programmes, assessing the innovation or market deployment potential of an existing project supported by these programmes​​.
    8. EIC Awardees, Technology Transfer Offices, EIC Inventors: Eligible for EIC Booster grants, these entities are linked to projects already selected under the Pathfinder or Transition calls, aiming to implement Portfolio coordinating activities or to nurture innovation​​.

    These entities represent a diverse ecosystem of public and private stakeholders, research institutions, SMEs, and innovation communities. Their collaboration with the EIC is vital for advancing Europe’s innovation landscape, fostering breakthrough technologies, and driving economic growth.


    The articles found on Rasph.com reflect the opinions of Rasph or its respective authors and in no way reflect opinions held by the European Commission (EC) or the European Innovation Council (EIC). The provided information aims to share perspectives that are valuable and can potentially inform applicants regarding grant funding schemes such as the EIC Accelerator, EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition or related programs such as Innovate UK in the United Kingdom or the Small Business Innovation and Research grant (SBIR) in the United States.

    The articles can also be a useful resource for other consultancies in the grant space as well as professional grant writers who are hired as freelancers or are part of a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). The EIC Accelerator is part of Horizon Europe (2021-2027) which has recently replaced the previous framework program Horizon 2020.

    This article was written by ChatEIC. ChatEIC is an EIC Accelerator assistant that can advise on the writing of proposals, discuss current trends and create insightful articles on a variety of topics. The articles written by ChatEIC can contain inaccurate or outdated information.

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    EIC Accelerator TL;DR

    €2.5M Grant + €15M Equity 
    Funding for-profit DeepTech innovations
    Technology prototype + Early customer traction
    2-4 / year
    3 Steps (short/long proposals + interview)
    3 Months of writing + waiting/delays/resubmissions
    up to €25K + Success fee
    €3.5K + Success fee


    EIC Accelerator Resubmissions: The Good, The Bad and The Randomness

    Navigating the EIC Accelerator: Understanding the “3 Strikes, You’re Out” Rule

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator is a pivotal funding mechanism under Horizon Europe, aimed at startups and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) that are pushing the boundaries of innovation. With a blend of grants and equity, it represents a critical opportunity for groundbreaking projects to come to life. However, navigating the application process is no small feat, especially with the stringent “3 strikes, you’re out” rule in place. This policy mandates that applicants can be rejected a maximum of three times in any of the three steps of the evaluation process. Once this limit is reached, reapplication is barred until the conclusion of the current Horizon Europe work programme in 2027.

    The Three Steps of EIC Accelerator Evaluation

    1. Short Application: The initial step involves a written application and a pitch video. It’s the first hurdle where your project gets screened.
    2. Full Application: Successful projects move on to submit a detailed proposal, outlining the innovation, impact, and implementation strategy.
    3. Interview: Finalists are invited to pitch their projects to a jury of experts, the last chance to convince before funding decisions are made.

    Implications of the “3 Strikes” Rule

    This rule underscores the competitive nature of the EIC Accelerator and the importance of meticulous preparation. It’s a clear message that only the most compelling and well-prepared applications stand a chance. This policy also encourages applicants to critically assess their readiness and the potential of their innovation before applying, potentially saving time and resources for both the applicants and the evaluation committees.

    Strategies for Success

    • In-depth Preparation: Before applying, ensure your project aligns with the EIC’s priorities: high impact, innovation, and market potential.
    • Professional Support: Consider engaging consultants or professional writers who specialize in EIC applications to enhance your submission.
    • Feedback Utilization: If rejected, use the feedback to strengthen your project’s weak points before reapplying.

    The Horizon Europe Framework

    The current work programme, Horizon Europe, runs until 2027, setting the timeframe for this rule. It’s a period rich with opportunities but also limitations, as the “3 strikes” rule makes clear. Applicants must navigate this landscape with strategic foresight, ensuring their innovations are not just groundbreaking but also meticulously presented.


    The EIC Accelerator’s “3 strikes, you’re out” rule is a critical factor for applicants to consider. It emphasizes the need for excellence in every aspect of the application, from the innovation itself to the way it’s communicated. As we move through Horizon Europe, this rule will undoubtedly shape the competitive landscape, pushing companies towards not just innovation, but excellence in articulation and strategy.

    Maximizing Your EIC Accelerator Proposal with the Evaluation Summary Report (ESR)

    The journey to securing funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator can be arduous, with each application step scrutinized by expert evaluators. A crucial tool in this journey is the Evaluation Summary Report (ESR), provided after every rejection. This report is not merely a notification of unsuccessful attempts but a goldmine of constructive feedback directly from the evaluators’ perspectives.

    Understanding the ESR

    The ESR offers a transparent view into the evaluators’ comments across all proposal aspects, including excellence, impact, and implementation. This feedback is invaluable for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your submission.

    • Step 1 Feedback: In the first step of the evaluation, your proposal is reviewed by four evaluators, providing a broad range of insights into the initial impression your project makes.
    • Step 2 Feedback: The full application phase involves three evaluators, or four in cases of closely contested rejections. This stage offers a deeper dive into your proposal’s details, assessing how well it aligns with the EIC Accelerator’s objectives.

    Leveraging ESR for Success

    • Actionable Insights: Each evaluator’s comments guide you in refining your proposal, highlighting areas for improvement in clarity, impact, and feasibility.
    • Tailored Revisions: By addressing specific critiques, you can tailor your resubmission to directly confront previous shortcomings, enhancing your proposal’s appeal.
    • Strategic Approach: Understanding recurring feedback themes allows for a strategic overhaul of your proposal, ensuring that every aspect, from innovation to market strategy, is robust and compelling.


    The ESR is a critical feedback mechanism that, when used wisely, can significantly increase your chances of success in future EIC Accelerator applications. By thoroughly analyzing and acting on evaluator comments, applicants can transform their innovative projects into winning proposals that align with the EIC’s high standards for excellence, impact, and implementation. Remember, every piece of feedback is a step closer to securing the support needed to bring your innovation to the forefront of European industries.

    The EIC Accelerator Rebuttal Process: Turning Rejection into Opportunity

    The path to securing funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator is fraught with challenges, one of which is the possibility of rejection. However, the EIC Accelerator offers a unique rebuttal process that not only allows applicants to respond to evaluator comments but also provides a platform to correct misunderstandings and strengthen the proposal based on valid criticisms.

    The Essence of the Rebuttal

    This process is more than a mere appeal; it’s an opportunity for dialogue. By rebutting the comments of previous evaluators, applicants can directly address any false assessments and elaborate on the aspects of their proposal that may have been misunderstood or underestimated. This direct communication is crucial for setting a positive tone for the resubmission, making it a strategic tool for persuasion beyond the written proposal itself.

    Strategic Advantages

    • Clarification: It allows applicants to clarify points that may have been misinterpreted, ensuring that the proposal is evaluated on its true merits.
    • Improvement: Valid criticisms become opportunities for refinement, allowing applicants to improve their proposals based on expert feedback.
    • Engagement: The rebuttal process creates a dialogue between applicants and evaluators, personalizing the application process and potentially swaying future evaluations in their favor.

    Navigating the Rebuttal Process

    To make the most of this opportunity, applicants should approach the rebuttal with a constructive mindset. Acknowledging valid criticisms while diplomatically addressing any inaccuracies can demonstrate professionalism and a commitment to excellence. Moreover, this process underscores the importance of resilience in the face of rejection, encouraging applicants to view setbacks as stepping stones to success.


    The rebuttal process within the EIC Accelerator framework exemplifies the program’s commitment to fairness and thorough evaluation. By allowing applicants to engage directly with evaluators’ feedback, the EIC Accelerator not only enhances the quality of proposals but also fosters a more transparent and dynamic application process. Embracing this opportunity can be a pivotal step in turning rejection into a successful funding outcome.

    The Unpredictable Journey to EIC Accelerator Funding

    Applying for funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator is akin to navigating through a maze of innovation and uncertainty. It’s a path characterized by frequent rejections at various stages, reflecting the program’s competitive nature and the high standards set for groundbreaking projects. This competitiveness, coupled with the pursuit of excellence, leads to an environment where inconsistencies and seemingly random outcomes can occur.

    The Inherent Unpredictability

    The EIC Accelerator’s evaluation process, though rigorous, is not immune to variability. Applicants might find that what leads to rejection for one company could be overlooked or deemed less critical for another. This inconsistency is particularly notable during the jury interviews in Step 3, where the subjective nature of human judgment comes into play, leading to decisions that can sometimes appear contradictory.

    Persistence as the Key to Success

    In this landscape of high stakes and unpredictability, persistence emerges as a vital trait for success. The history of EIC Accelerator funding is replete with stories of applicants who faced multiple rejections before finally securing their desired funding. It’s a testament to the idea that resilience, coupled with a willingness to refine and improve proposals based on feedback, significantly increases the chances of eventual success.

    Embracing Feedback and Refinement

    Applicants are encouraged to view each rejection not as a failure but as an opportunity for growth. The feedback provided, whether through Evaluation Summary Reports or during the rebuttal process, offers invaluable insights for strengthening future submissions.


    Securing funding from the EIC Accelerator is a testament to an applicant’s innovation, excellence, and, most importantly, perseverance. The journey is fraught with challenges and setbacks, but it is those who persist, refining and reapplying with enhanced proposals, who are most likely to achieve success. In the dynamic and competitive arena of EIC funding, resilience is the cornerstone of eventual triumph.


    The articles found on Rasph.com reflect the opinions of Rasph or its respective authors and in no way reflect opinions held by the European Commission (EC) or the European Innovation Council (EIC). The provided information aims to share perspectives that are valuable and can potentially inform applicants regarding grant funding schemes such as the EIC Accelerator, EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition or related programs such as Innovate UK in the United Kingdom or the Small Business Innovation and Research grant (SBIR) in the United States.

    The articles can also be a useful resource for other consultancies in the grant space as well as professional grant writers who are hired as freelancers or are part of a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). The EIC Accelerator is part of Horizon Europe (2021-2027) which has recently replaced the previous framework program Horizon 2020.

    This article was written by ChatEIC. ChatEIC is an EIC Accelerator assistant that can advise on the writing of proposals, discuss current trends and create insightful articles on a variety of topics. The articles written by ChatEIC can contain inaccurate or outdated information.

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    EIC Accelerator TL;DR

    €2.5M Grant + €15M Equity 
    Funding for-profit DeepTech innovations
    Technology prototype + Early customer traction
    2-4 / year
    3 Steps (short/long proposals + interview)
    3 Months of writing + waiting/delays/resubmissions
    up to €25K + Success fee
    €3.5K + Success fee


    EIC Accelerator: Empowering Breakthrough Innovations with Exciting Funding Opportunities!

    Discover the Opportunities with the EIC Accelerator: Igniting Innovation and Growth!

    Discover a world of opportunity with the EIC Accelerator, an empowering funding program brought to you by the European Innovation Council (EIC), a key player within the Horizon Europe framework. This dynamic initiative is dedicated to uplifting innovative companies that are at the forefront of technological breakthroughs and scientific discoveries in the DeepTech domain. With the EIC Accelerator, your visionary project could secure up to €2.5 million in grant funding, complemented by the potential of an additional €15 million in equity financing. Let’s propel your pioneering ideas into tangible successes and shape the future together!

    Explore the Exciting Range of Technologies Eligible for EIC Accelerator Funding!

    Since its inception in 2021, the EIC Accelerator has proudly empowered a dynamic portfolio of over 400 beneficiaries, showcasing a vibrant tapestry of sectors from trailblazing capital-intensive hardware to revolutionary pure software ventures, all with an emphasis on the cutting-edge realm of DeepTech. With open arms, the EIC Accelerator embraces a wide array of technological innovations, provided they harmonize with EU policies, steering clear of military applications among others. What’s more, the EIC Accelerator annually spotlights certain pioneering technologies with its Technology Challenges, celebrating and accelerating the drive towards a brilliant, tech-forward future.

    Discover the Ideal Technology Maturity Level for EIC Accelerator Success!

    Elevate your innovative technology to new heights with the support of the EIC Accelerator! If your technology is at or beyond Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5, where it has already been validated in a relevant environment, you’re in an excellent position to apply. The EIC Accelerator champions the advancement of prototypes and proof-of-concept demonstrations, actively seeking to propel your breakthroughs from TRL 5 onwards. And that’s not all! The journey continues seamlessly with grant opportunities available for technologies that have achieved TRL 6 or 7, ensuring a smooth progression towards market readiness. For those outstanding innovations that have matured to TRL 8, the EIC Accelerator offers the unique prospect of pure Equity investments. Get ready to accelerate your technology with the dynamic and supportive backing of the EIC Accelerator!

    Explore the Exciting Funding Opportunities with the EIC Accelerator!

    Welcome to the dynamic world of the EIC Accelerator, where we supercharge innovative companies with a suite of funding options tailored to propel your business to the forefront of your industry! Dive into our generous Grants of up to €2.5 million to kick-start your ventures without giving up equity. Or, if you’re looking to bolster your growth with a significant capital injection, explore our Equity option with investments of up to €15 million, where the EIC Fund becomes a proud stakeholder in your success. Can’t choose between the two? Our Blended Finance combines the best of both worlds, offering up to €17.5 million in funds, ensuring you have the flexibility and resources to scale new heights.

    Choose the type and amount of funding that aligns perfectly with your company’s ambitions, and in those extraordinary instances where your vision requires an even broader financial canvas, we’re ready to discuss larger funding opportunities. With the EIC Accelerator, your business potential knows no bounds!

    Unleash Your Innovation: Start Your Applicant Journey!

    Discover the Trailblazers: Celebrating Recipients of EIC Accelerator Funding!

    Get ready for a thrilling opportunity with the EIC Accelerator! If you’re a dynamic for-profit company registered in one of our designated eligible countries, you’re in the right place to fuel your innovation and growth. But that’s not all – visionary individuals and forward-thinking investors are also warmly invited to join the ride! Just make sure you set up your company before the ink dries on the Grant Agreement Contract. Your enterprise should be an independent Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), characterized by a vibrant team of fewer than 250 people, and robust financial health with a turnover of €50 million or less and a balance sheet total that doesn’t exceed €43 million. Come aboard and let the EIC Accelerator propel your business to new heights!

    Discover the Exciting Opportunities: All EU Countries Welcome to Apply for the EIC Accelerator!

    The EIC Accelerator presents an exciting opportunity for innovative companies and entrepreneurs across the entire EU-27, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden, as well as their respective territories. This vibrant platform offers a gateway for visionaries from all corners of the EU to bring their groundbreaking ideas to the forefront and drive Europe’s innovation landscape into a bright and dynamic future!

    Discover How International Innovators Can Join the EIC Accelerator Adventure!

    We’re thrilled to announce that through our association agreements with Horizon Europe, a world of opportunities has been unlocked for companies and individuals in an impressive array of countries! If you’re based in Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Faroe Islands, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Morocco, or the United Kingdom (Grant only), get ready to bring your innovative ideas to life with the EIC Accelerator. This is your chance to join a vibrant community of forward-thinkers and game-changers. Apply now and let’s shape the future together!

    Discover How the EIC Accelerator Can Propel Your Innovation Journey!

    Discover Your Potential: Unveiling Success Stories with the EIC Accelerator!

    Embark on an exciting journey with the EIC Accelerator, where every application is an opportunity to shine! While we cherish the competitive spirit, exact success rates for each of our three dynamic evaluation steps remain a well-kept surprise. Nevertheless, it’s estimated that a dazzling 5% of applicants or more move triumphantly from Step 1 to Step 3, demonstrating true innovation and potential. Keep in mind, success rates may soar depending on the EIC Accelerator’s annual budget and the spirited number of applications for each call-off. Plus, whether it’s an Open Call or tailored to Challenges, the chances to succeed can vary, highlighting that with the right idea and excellent execution, your project could be among the celebrated frontrunners!

    Discover if Your Company is the Perfect Match for the EIC Accelerator Program!

    The EIC Accelerator is passionate about propelling the frontiers of innovation by championing trailblazing technologies with roots in DeepTech, science, and cutting-edge technical domains. We are on the lookout for daring enterprises, those who dream big and aim high, ready to take calculated risks to deliver groundbreaking solutions to the marketplace. Our funding history proudly reflects a tapestry of scientific ingenuity and includes not only pure software and SaaS pioneers but also ventures with robust funding positions that showcase more balanced risk profiles. Join us in the exciting journey to turn visionary ideas into market revolutions!

    Discover the Exciting Opportunities with the EIC Accelerator: Find Out If It’s Right for You!

    Embark on the exciting journey towards the EIC Accelerator financing, a golden opportunity for visionary companies to fuel their growth with €17.5 million in funding. Embrace the thrill of competition and consider the strategic move, keeping in mind the program’s success rates. The application process is an adventure that calls for determination and resilience, but the rewards are monumental for those who persevere. Ideal for forward-thinking companies that have the foresight to ensure a financial runway of at least 6 months, the EIC Accelerator encourages applicants to be proactive—not in urgent need of funds, but rather strategically seeking to amplify their resources by connecting with investors and exploring various funding avenues. Get ready to elevate your company’s potential with the EIC Accelerator!

    Embark on Your Innovation Journey: Easy Steps to Apply for the EIC Accelerator!

    Apply to the EIC Accelerator Today!

    The EIC Accelerator offers an exciting three-tiered evaluation journey, designed to pave the way for transformative business growth. Innovators take on this adventure step by step, advancing through each stage with the thrill of progress and the promise of potential financial support upon successful completion. The submission gateway is the dynamic EU Funding & Tenders Portal, where dreams are uploaded and deadlines met with anticipation. Every visionary proposal is met with constructive feedback and an Evaluation Summary Report (ESR), culminating in a clear-cut, energizing GO or NO GO verdict. Propel your enterprise forward with the EIC Accelerator – where every step is a leap towards your bright future!

    Discover the Timeline: Your Swift Journey Through the EIC Accelerator Process!

    Embark on an exciting journey with the EIC Accelerator, where your innovative ambitions can swiftly turn into a reality! While the journey to success is uniquely tailored to each visionary enterprise, it’s exhilarating to know that many companies can soar from application to triumph in less than six months! For those who encounter detours along the way, the EIC Accelerator remains a beacon of opportunity, encouraging you to reapply and stay the course. And with the added flexibility of 2-4 submission deadlines annually, your strategic planning is seamlessly accommodated, ensuring that you can align your breakthroughs with the perfect moment for submission. Advancing your innovative project with the EIC Accelerator is not just a process—it’s an adventure filled with hope and endless possibilities!

    Discover the Exciting Opportunities: Find Out When to Apply for the EIC Accelerator!

    Embark on an exhilarating journey with the EIC Accelerator where innovation knows no bounds! Step 1 is your gateway to endless possibilities, available all year round for your convenience—apply whenever you’re ready to unleash your company’s potential. Triumph in Step 1, and you’re on to Step 2, where you can seize one of the multiple opportunities to shine, with 2-4 cut-offs each year designed to align with your trajectory. Success here leads to the invigorating Step 3: an engaging face-to-face interview, often held via video call, bringing you within reach of the support and resources you need to skyrocket your project—all this shortly after the Step 2 cut-off. Join us in this vibrant and dynamic process where turning your groundbreaking ideas into reality is just the beginning!

    Turning a No into Your Next Big Yes: Overcoming EIC Accelerator Rejection with Confidence!

    Unleash the power of perseverance with the EIC Accelerator! Our innovative approach offers you not one, not two, but three golden opportunities to refine and enhance your proposal to perfection. While we maintain high standards with a three strikes policy, it’s truly a testament to our commitment to excellence and your potential for success. Should your project face rejection, seize the chance to glean valuable feedback, make your proposal even more robust, and come back stronger. After all, the road to triumph is often paved with lessons learned. Embrace this journey of continuous improvement; many of our successfully funded projects can attest to the sweet victory that follows persistence and dedication. Keep innovating, keep improving, and let the EIC Accelerator be the springboard for your groundbreaking project through Horizon Europe’s thriving landscape of opportunity!

    Embark on Your Journey to Innovation with the EIC Accelerator Application!

    Kickstart Your Innovation Journey: Begin with the EIC Accelerator’s Dynamic Short Application Process!

    Embark on your innovation journey with the EIC Accelerator’s energizing Step 1 application process! Craft a compelling narrative in a succinct 12-page written proposal, captivate our evaluators with a dynamic 3-minute video pitch, and showcase your project’s potential with an impactful 10-page pitch deck, all alongside easy-to-complete standard online form fields. Most new applicants find that within a brisk 2-4 weeks, they can prepare all the necessary documents with creativity and enthusiasm. Once you’ve submitted your application, if your vision resonates with at least three of our four expert evaluators and earns a thrilling GO rating, you’ll be on your way to the exhilarating Step 2!

    Step 2: Unleashing Your Vision – Crafting an Exciting Business Plan for Success with the EIC Accelerator!

    Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with the EIC Accelerator’s Step 2 business plan! This comprehensive stage showcases your innovation through a detailed proposal of 50-plus vibrant pages, coupled with engaging annexes. Create a captivating 3-minute video pitch that brings your vision to life, present a striking pitch deck, and include thorough financial documentation. Your business prowess will further shine with a robust Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis, a Data Management Plan (DMP), persuasive Letters of Intent (LOI), professional Curriculum Vitaes (CVs), and more. These, alongside the essential online form fields, will form the mosaic of your application.

    Enthusiastic applicants typically weave together this tapestry of documentation within a 6-8 week period, turning complexity into opportunity. Once you submit your masterwork, it only takes a unanimous wave of approval with a GO rating from all three evaluators to propel your project forward towards Step 3. Your innovation deserves the spotlight, and the EIC Accelerator’s committee is eager to be dazzled by what you bring to the stage!

    Step 3: Your Moment to Shine – The Exciting Interview Stage!

    Get ready for an exhilarating opportunity to shine at the EIC Accelerator’s Step 3 interview process! This dynamic phase invites applicants to engage in an interactive session via video call or, for those able to make the journey, in the vibrant heart of Europe – Brussels, Belgium. Picture yourself delivering an impactful 10-minute pitch, showcasing your vision with the support of your polished Step 2 pitch deck, followed by a lively and thought-provoking 35-minute Q&A with our esteemed EIC Jury.

    But the excitement doesn’t stop there! You’ll be conversing with an illustrious panel of up to 5 jury members, alongside key EIC and European Investment Bank representatives, as well as EIC Program Managers, all eager to discover the potential in your innovative project.

    Embarking on two weeks of preparation, you’ll have ample time to fine-tune your presentation, ensuring you convey your business case with clarity and confidence. When the jury is unanimously impressed, signaling with a resounding GO’, you’ll be well on your path to securing that coveted EIC Accelerator funding. Your journey to scaling new heights and turning your groundbreaking ideas into reality is just an interview away!

    Embarking on Your Success Journey: Next Exciting Steps After EIC Accelerator Funding!

    Get ready for a thrilling journey as we kick off the diligence process for your EIC Accelerator funding! If you’ve got your sights set on Grant funding, we’ll smoothly transition into crafting your Grant Agreement Contract (GAC). It’s your time to shine by showcasing your company’s essence through the various documents you’ll upload, such as financials and Ultimate Beneficiary Owner (UBO) details.

    For those eyeing Equity support, expect a seamless collaboration with the European Investment Bank (EIB). They’ll be your guide, engaging both you and your co-investors in an interactive due diligence dance. And when it comes to the Equity financing? Think of it as a boost to your financial rocket, potentially coming in the form of a nifty direct equity injection or a convertible note.

    The best part? The EIC Fund is not just any investor. We’re all about joining forces with your existing backers, becoming part of your support crew in a blockbuster funding round. Together, we’re not just fuelling your project; we’re launching it into a whole new stratosphere of success!

    Unlock Your Potential: Dive into the Dynamic Training Program of the EIC Accelerator!

    Essential Templates for Your EIC Accelerator Journey – Unlocked and Ready for You!

    Get set for a seamless application journey with the EIC Accelerator’s dynamic Applicant Training Program! Designed to empower innovators like you, our comprehensive suite offers intuitive templates for both Step 1 and Step 2 of the EIC Accelerator application process. Packed with crystal-clear instructions and engaging video guidance, these templates simplify the writing experience, allowing you to glide through your application with ease. By leveraging these expertly crafted frameworks, you’ll have the freedom to channel your energy into the heart of your innovation, secure in the knowledge that the structural heavy lifting has already been handled for you. With the EIC Accelerator’s templates, you’re not just applying – you’re stepping into a world of enhanced focus and clarity that positions you on the fast track to success!

    Kickstart Your Innovation Journey: Step 1 Templates for Success!

    Kickstart your EIC Accelerator proposal with pizzazz! Step 1 is an empowering set of tools that includes five dynamic Google Doc and Google Sheets templates, conveniently accessible via Google Drive. Dive into crafting your compelling main proposal text, get creative with your video scripting, and crystallize your project overview with a snappy acronym, an engaging title, and a succinct abstract. Plus, our easy-to-follow reference guide and a neatly organized team table collection are designed to streamline your workflow. These templates are not just ready-to-use, but also perfect for collaborative efforts, enabling you to effortlessly coordinate with your team members, delegate tasks, and accelerate your process to victory. Let’s transform those brilliant ideas into an outstanding proposal!

    Unlock Your Potential with Step 2: Exciting Templates for EIC Accelerator Success!

    Get ready to dive into Step 2 of the EIC Accelerator journey, where we’ve crafted a dynamic suite of six user-friendly templates, ready and waiting for you on Google Drive! Our assortment includes everything you need: a sleek main proposal text template, compelling Letters of Intent (LOI), a detailed Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis, a comprehensive Data Management Plan (DMP), an engaging company overview, and a sophisticated budget planning tool. These intuitive Google Docs and Google Sheets templates are ingeniously designed to be straightforward, placing productivity at the forefront. You’ll love how they streamline your process, using smart formulas to effortlessly crunch numbers and instantly present your final budget and financial forecasts. We’re all about boosting your efficiency, turning the complex into the uncomplicated, and supercharging your application workflow. Let’s make your journey smoother and get you closer to success!

    Step 3: Elevate Your Venture with Expert Coaching!

    Embark on an exhilarating journey to perfect your pitch with the EIC Accelerator’s personalized coaching experience as you prepare for the pivotal Step 3 interview. Our vibrant, hands-on sessions are tailored to unlock each applicant’s unique potential, ensuring your presentation resonates with confidence and clarity. With expert guidance, we’ll sculpt your pitch narrative and engage in dynamic Q&A drills, equipping you to navigate the intense 45-minute interview with poise.

    Drawing on years of seasoned insight, our coaching encompasses every critical angle—from your groundbreaking technology and innovation to your venture’s financial robustness, strategic governance, and compelling company story. To enhance your preparation, we provide two additional templates to finesse your pitch delivery and a comprehensive final checklist to ensure you’re primed for success. Get ready to present with passion and leave a lasting impression on the EIC Accelerator panel!

    Comprehensive Guide with Engaging Video Tutorials – Your Pathway to Success with the EIC Accelerator!

    Experience the EIC Accelerator Module in high spirit! Our templates come to life with engaging video training sessions, ensuring you’re well-equipped to navigate the ins and outs of the application with confidence. Dive into our expansive library where over 90 detailed modules meticulously demystify every vital step of the writing journey. Crucial links between these modules and the Step 1 and Step 2 templates seamlessly integrate knowledge, sharpening your writing precision.

    Embrace the power of collective wisdom as you draw from real-world expertise, illuminating your path to crafting compelling sections and annexes tailored to bolster your chances of triumph. This collaborative approach sets the stage for efficient teamwork – facilitating delegation and simultaneous workstreams across various components of your proposal. Propel past the traditional consultancy model and leap ahead of the solo grant writers with the collective strength and agility offered by the EIC Accelerator Module. Welcome to a world where your success story writes itself, one vibrant module at a time!

    Engage with ChatEIC: Your Vibrant AI Companion for Accelerated Innovation!

    Exciting news for all EIC Accelerator Training participants – as OpenAI subscribers, you now have the exclusive benefit of tapping into ChatEIC, our bespoke AI wizard, engineered with OpenAI’s groundbreaking GPT technology! Picture this: a smart AI companion that not only comprehends the breadth of our training content but is also on standby to offer insightful advice, help streamline your proposal structure, and even assist in crafting sections of your application. While it’s designed to complement rather than replace your personal touch in the proposal development, ChatEIC is an incredible resource that promises to transform the often-tedious writing chore into an engaging and efficient co-creation experience, propelling you towards your goals at an astonishing pace! Embrace the future of proposal writing with ChatEIC – where your ideas meet AI efficiency.

    Experience the Excitement of ChatEIC: Your Gateway to Innovative Conversations!

    Get ready to elevate your grant-writing game with ChatEIC’s innovative features! Our dynamic assistant not only breezes through your uploaded documents like pitch decks, grant applications, business plans, and white papers but also smartly extracts the essential information to craft structured proposal sections with ease. Wave goodbye to writing woes, as ChatEIC is here to answer all your process-related queries, streamlining your grant application journey. And for an even more seamless experience, it can enhance or completely take over the role of video tutorials, making the guidance more interactive and personalized. While we’re always mindful of OpenAI’s policies, just know that our aim is to maximize your productivity within any set guidelines, ensuring you get the best support without any hitches. Let’s unlock new possibilities with ChatEIC, your forward-thinking partner in success!

    Unlock Your Potential: Discover the Benefits of Our Applicant Training at the EIC Accelerator!

    Unlock Your Company’s True Potential: Discover How Well You Really Know Your Business!
    Empower your vision with the EIC Accelerator, where collaboration and expertise meld to transform your innovative ideas into compelling proposals. We understand that working with consultancies can sometimes leave companies yearning for more—the quality of the work doesn’t always meet expectations, and the collaborative process can be less than seamless. But let’s shift the focus to the bright side!

    The EIC Accelerator is revolutionizing the grant writing experience. We’ve noted that, in the past, reliance on a chain of freelancers may have led to uneven quality and an unexpected workload for applicants. We’re here to change that narrative. Our approach is centered around partnership and excellence, acknowledging that you and your team are the foremost experts on your business.

    With the EIC Accelerator, you gain access to a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to maintaining the highest standards and injecting a dose of creativity and care into every proposal. Together, we’ll harness your insider knowledge to construct a well-crafted, cohesive application that truly reflects your business’s strengths and potential for innovation.

    Embrace the journey towards success with an ally who values your input and amplifies your voice. The EIC Accelerator is not just a funding opportunity—it’s a chance to craft a winning proposal that resonates with your ambition and dedication. Let’s embark on this adventure together and bring your project to life!

    Empower Your Innovation Journey at Your Own Speed with EIC Accelerator!

    Experience the joy and freedom of the EIC Accelerator Training Program, where the power to progress is firmly in your hands! Dive into an invigorating journey of crafting your proposal with the flexibility to set your own rhythm. Whether you choose to collaborate as a dynamic team or embrace the focus of solo work, you have complete control to tailor the timeline to perfectly suit your business’s unique pulse. No need to worry about the unpredictable nature of resubmission cycles and fluctuating EIC Accelerator cut-off dates – the Training Program provides a seamless way to weave your application efforts into the fabric of your day-to-day business activities. Break away from the constraints of external consultancy schedules and ride the wave of independence with our Training Program, your quintessential partner for a proposal process that moves to your beat and amplifies your success!

    Unlock Your Creative Potential with Expert-Led AI Writing Assistance!

    Embark on an exhilarating journey towards innovation and success with the EIC Accelerator Training Program, artistically crafted by the acclaimed EIC Accelerator maestro, Dr. Stephan Segler. With a shining track record of authoring triumphant EIC Accelerator proposals, Dr. Segler’s expertise extends to guiding hopefuls seamlessly through the complete application saga – from captivating video production and persuasive pitch scripting to comprehensive interview preparation and meticulous due diligence. This Training Program is infused with a profound level of insight, offering intricacies and strategies previously untapped. Plus, our groundbreaking AI companion, ChatEIC, stands ready to deliver instant, dynamic feedback and assistance to OpenAI subscribers around-the-clock, ensuring that innovation never sleeps and your pathway to success is continually illuminated. Dive into the EIC Accelerator Training Program and let your ideas soar to new heights!

    Teamwork Unleashed: Elevate Your Project with Collaborative Writing!

    Elevate your proposal creation experience with the dynamic and collaborative EIC Accelerator Training! Embrace the power of teamwork and Google Drive’s seamless document hosting that transforms how your team works together. No more waiting in long queues like with traditional consultancies. Our approach demolishes the knowledge barrier, offering crystal-clear instructions tailored to each section of your proposal. Say hello to efficiency as compartmentalization revolutionizes the writing process, making the application journey a breeze.

    Unlock the full potential of simultaneous engagement—where every team member can dive into video training and tap into a treasure trove of Google Drive templates at the same time. With ChatEIC, communication is just a click away, ensuring your team stays connected and in perfect sync. Get ready to supercharge your proposal with the EIC Accelerator Training, where collaboration meets innovation!

    Showcasing Trailblazing Victories!

    The EIC Accelerator has a proven track record of sparking innovation and driving success across a multitude of cutting-edge fields, from the realms of AI and battery tech to the ever-important sector of recycling. Our Training Program is a treasure trove of insights drawn from extensive expertise in crucial software and hardware domains, ready to elevate your project to new heights regardless of its nature. The program offers an in-depth exploration of Technology Readiness Level (TRL) factors tailored for the pioneering industries of MedTech and pharmaceuticals, complete with real-world case studies from a variety of sectors. It also provides a wealth of knowledge on diverse business models to inspire and guide your journey. With the EIC Accelerator Training, you’re not just prepared for success; you’re equipped to redefine it across any project you envision.


    The articles found on Rasph.com reflect the opinions of Rasph or its respective authors and in no way reflect opinions held by the European Commission (EC) or the European Innovation Council (EIC). The provided information aims to share perspectives that are valuable and can potentially inform applicants regarding grant funding schemes such as the EIC Accelerator, EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition or related programs such as Innovate UK in the United Kingdom or the Small Business Innovation and Research grant (SBIR) in the United States.

    The articles can also be a useful resource for other consultancies in the grant space as well as professional grant writers who are hired as freelancers or are part of a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). The EIC Accelerator is part of Horizon Europe (2021-2027) which has recently replaced the previous framework program Horizon 2020.

    This article was written by ChatEIC. ChatEIC is an EIC Accelerator assistant that can advise on the writing of proposals, discuss current trends and create insightful articles on a variety of topics. The articles written by ChatEIC can contain inaccurate or outdated information.

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    EIC Accelerator TL;DR

    €2.5M Grant + €15M Equity 
    Funding for-profit DeepTech innovations
    Technology prototype + Early customer traction
    2-4 / year
    3 Steps (short/long proposals + interview)
    3 Months of writing + waiting/delays/resubmissions
    up to €25K + Success fee
    €3.5K + Success fee


    Allocating Financial Resources to Catalyze Groundbreaking Technological Innovations through the EIC Accelerator Program

    Understanding the European Innovation Council Accelerator: A Comprehensive Overview of Its Purpose, Features, and Opportunities for Visionary Entrepreneurs

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator represents a pivotal component of Horizon Europe’s comprehensive suite of funding initiatives, meticulously designed to underpin cutting-edge companies that are at the forefront of exploiting radical technological advances or path-breaking scientific insights, collectively known as Deep Technology (DeepTech). With a financial framework that encompasses up to €2.5 million in the form of non-dilutive Grant funding and the potential for up to €15 million in Equity investment per individual project, the EIC Accelerator orchestrates a robust mechanism for propelling high-risk, high-impact innovations from concept to market realization. This strategic infusion of capital aims to catalyze the growth trajectories of start-ups and SMEs as they navigate the challenging phases of product development, scale-up, and market deployment.

    Comprehensive Overview of Targeted Technologies Eligible for Funding through the EIC Accelerator Program

    Since its inception in 2021, the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator program has supported over 400 pioneering enterprises, spanning a diverse spectrum of sectors. This includes ventures engaged in the development of capital-intensive hardware solutions as well as those focused exclusively on the innovation and deployment of sophisticated software products, with a particular emphasis on Deep Technology (DeepTech) domains. The EIC Accelerator maintains an open stance towards a wide array of technological advancements and does not impose overarching technological constraints on its applicants. However, to remain consistent with EU directives, technologies with potential military applications are exempt from consideration. In addition to this broad scope for innovation, the EIC Accelerator program identifies and promotes a set of Technology Challenges on an annual basis. These challenges are designed to spotlight and incentivize progress in specific technological areas that are deemed strategically important and have high potential for societal impact within the European Union.

    Assessing the Maturity Level Required for a Technology to Qualify for the EIC Accelerator Program

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator program specifically targets innovations that have achieved a minimum of Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5, a stage characterized by the validation of the technology within an environment that closely mirrors real-world conditions. At this level, the innovation is expected to have progressed beyond theoretical stages, embodying a tangible prototype or a demonstrable proof-of-concept that substantiates its efficacy and potential.

    Applicants seeking financial support from the EIC Accelerator can apply for Grant funding if their technology has advanced to TRL 6 or TRL 7. At TRL 6, the technology must have been demonstrated in a relevant environment, showcasing its ability to function under conditions similar to its intended use. Further progression to TRL 7 indicates that the prototype has undergone system prototype demonstration in an operational environment, offering a more comprehensive validation of its performance and suitability.

    For technologies that have reached TRL 8, where the actual system has been completed and qualified through test and demonstration, the EIC Accelerator offers the opportunity to apply for pure Equity investment. This funding option is designed to support the final stages of technology development and scaling, facilitating the transition from an innovative concept to a market-ready product or solution.

    Exploring the Range of Financial Support Offered Through the EIC Accelerator Program

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator provides robust financial support tailored to the needs of companies poised for growth and market expansion. Qualified enterprises can access substantial funding through three distinct instruments:

    1. Grant Financing: The EIC Accelerator offers non-dilutive grant funding of up to €2.5 million, allotted as a lump sum to support activities such as proof of concept, prototyping, system development, piloting, validation, and testing in real-world environments, as well as market replication.

    2. Equity Financing: For ventures seeking a more substantial funding mechanism, the EIC Accelerator may provide equity investments reaching up to €15 million. This equity component is facilitated through the EIC Fund or its affiliates and involves a calculated exchange of capital for a strategic ownership stake in the applicant’s company. This allows for a more substantial financial backing, enabling scaling and significant growth without the need to repay the investment like a traditional loan.

    3. Blended Finance: Companies that require a synergy of grant and equity backing can benefit from Blended Finance, featuring a combination of both types of funding, up to an aggregate ceiling of €17.5 million. This hybrid financing model is structured to leverage the advantages of grant funding together with the sizable capital infusion that equity financing offers, thus providing a comprehensive financial package.

    Applicants possess the flexibility to determine the financing model that most aptly aligns with their strategic goals and the scale of their innovation project. They can tailor their request to include the desired funding type (grant, equity, or blended finance) and specify the amount that reflects their needs.

    Moreover, in circumstances where the scope and ambition of the innovation project justify a larger investment, the EIC Accelerator is open to considering requests that exceed the standard funding ceilings. These exceptional cases are evaluated on their individual merit, ensuring that the most groundbreaking and disruptive companies have access to the capital required to reach their full market potential.

    Detailed Overview of EIC Accelerator Applicant’s Business and Innovation Background

    Eligibility Criteria and Types of Entities That Qualify for EIC Accelerator Funding

    Entities seeking funding through the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator program must primarily be for-profit Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) that are legally incorporated within a member state or associated country that is deemed eligible for participation. However, the framework also accommodates applications from individual entrepreneurs and investors, with the stipulation that a qualifying company must be established prior to the formal execution of the Grant Agreement Contract.

    To qualify as an SME under the EIC Accelerator’s guidelines, the enterprise must be autonomous, not linked to or partnered with larger firms that fall outside the SME categorization. The SME should have a workforce of fewer than 250 persons, and it must exhibit either an annual turnover not exceeding €50 million or a balance sheet total that does not surpass €43 million. These financial thresholds ensure that the funding is targeted towards genuinely independent and medium-sized entities that are looking to innovate and scale up within the market.

    Eligibility Criteria: List of European Union Member States Qualified to Participate in the EIC Accelerator Program

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator programme is strategically designed to be inclusive and is widely available to a diverse array of innovative entities, including both companies and individual entrepreneurs residing within the entire European Union. This encompasses all 27 member states, namely Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. Additionally, the programme extends its reach to include the outermost regions and territories that are under the jurisdiction of these member states, ensuring that the EIC Accelerator’s support, funding opportunities, and resources are thoroughly accessible to innovators across the European Union’s expansive geopolitical landscape.

    Eligibility Criteria for Non-EU Countries to Participate in the EIC Accelerator Programme

    In the framework of the EIC Accelerator, a substantive network of association agreements with the Horizon Europe programme has been meticulously established. This intricate network facilitates the participation of a diverse array of entities, including enterprises and individual innovators, from a comprehensive list of non-EU countries. Specifically, entities based in Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Morocco, and the United Kingdom are eligible to apply, with the latter being eligible for grant funding only. These agreements extend the opportunity for these countries to be actively involved in cutting-edge research and innovation activities, aligning closely with the overarching objectives of the EIC Accelerator to foster groundbreaking innovation on a global scale.

    Assessing Your Fit: Understanding if Your Innovative Venture Aligns with the EIC Accelerator Program Criteria

    Exploring the Detailed Success Rates of Applications for the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator Program

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator program maintains a rigorous evaluation process encompassing three distinct stages, but detailed success rates corresponding to each phase are not publicly disclosed. However, a comprehensive analysis of the program’s competitive landscape suggests that the cumulative success rate from the initial submission in Step 1 through to the final decision in Step 3 is likely to be at or below 5%. The precise rate of successful applications is influenced by various factors, including the EIC Accelerator’s allocated annual budget, the volume of submissions received for each cut-off date, and the specific nature of the funding call – whether it falls under the Open category, designed to support breakthrough innovations across any field of technology or industry, or under the Challenges category, targeting solutions for specific societal problems.

    Consequently, the success rate may fluctuate, increasing or decreasing in response to these variables.

    Assessing Your Enterprise’s Eligibility for the EIC Accelerator Program: Criteria and Fit

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator programme is particularly oriented toward enterprises that are at the forefront of innovation, championing technologies that break new ground and potentially disrupt existing markets or create entirely new ones. The EIC Accelerator prioritizes applicants with a foundation in DeepTech, embodying advanced scientific knowledge, or those that stem from a robust technological nexus. A hallmark of the initiative is its focus on ventures that, despite their intrinsic high-risk nature, promise substantial returns through the introduction of groundbreaking technological solutions to the market.

    Throughout its operational history, the EIC Accelerator has cast a wide net in terms of the types of innovation it supports. This includes a spectrum of scientific and technological achievements ranging from pioneering scientific research-based innovations to pure software enterprises. Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms have also been among the beneficiaries, demonstrating the programme’s versatility in recognizing various forms of innovative digital solutions. Additionally, while the EIC Accelerator is renowned for empowering nascent businesses with a higher risk profile, it has not shied away from engaging with well-capitalized companies that showcase comparatively lower risk yet still meet the programme’s stringent criteria for innovation and potential market impact.

    Evaluating Your Eligibility: Is the EIC Accelerator Right for Your Innovative Project?

    Each enterprise must undertake a strategic assessment to determine whether to pursue the opportunity of securing a portion of the €17.5 million allocated for the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator funding. This involves a thorough analysis of the enterprise’s risk appetite, informed by the success rates historically associated with the EIC Accelerator programme. Furthermore, prospective applicants should consider the investment of time required for the application process and maintain resilience throughout the potentially prolonged procedural timeline.

    The EIC Accelerator is particularly well-suited for ventures that have secured at least six months of operational financial runway, thereby ensuring that these entities are not solely reliant on immediate infusion of capital from this particular funding mechanism. Moreover, it is advantageous for applicant companies to actively exercise due diligence by cultivating relationships with investors and exploring alternate financial resources, thereby creating a multifaceted funding strategy that does not hinge on a single source. Such a diversified approach to financial planning underscores the importance of strategic resource management, which is central to the ethos of the EIC Accelerator programme.

    Step-by-Step Guide to the Application Process for the EIC Accelerator Program

    Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating the Application Process for the EIC Accelerator Program

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator implements a rigorous and comprehensive three-stage evaluation methodology to assess the merit of applications for funding. This sequential process requires applicants to successfully navigate through each phase before progressing to the next. Only upon the successful completion of the third and final stage will companies be awarded the funding they have applied for.

    Stage one of the evaluation process involves the submission of a short application, intended to provide a succinct overview of the proposed innovation project and the applicant’s business. In stage two, if the proposal is deemed of interest based on the initial application, applicants are invited to submit a full application, which includes a more detailed business plan and a pitch deck. The full application undergoes an in-depth review by a panel of independent experts. Finally, stage three consists of an in-person or remote interview, where applicants have the opportunity to present their proposal directly to a jury of specialists and answer any follow-up questions.

    This entire process takes place through the European Union’s Funding & Tenders Portal, a centralized online system where all necessary documentation must be submitted in accordance with prescribed cut-off dates for each evaluation round. Every submission is meticulously evaluated, and applicants are provided with an Evaluation Summary Report (ESR) at the conclusion of the process. This document contains the detailed feedback and assessments from the expert evaluators, along with a final recommendation of either GO’—signifying that the application has met the necessary criteria and is approved for funding, or NO GO’—indicating that the application does not qualify for funding within this round.

    Applicants are expected to adhere strictly to the portal’s deadlines and ensure that all documentation is uploaded correctly and completely, as failure to comply with these requirements may impact the eligibility and success of their application within the competitive EIC Accelerator funding landscape.

    Understanding the Timeline: The Duration of the EIC Accelerator Application Process

    The application process for the EIC Accelerator is characterized by its flexibility, with no predefined schedule for completion. The duration from initial submission to potential success varies significantly among applicants. A subset of companies may navigate the process and achieve a favorable outcome in less than six months, demonstrating an expedited progression through the required stages. In contrast, other applicants may experience a more protracted timeline, potentially extending beyond two years. This extension can result from several factors, including the receipt of initial rejections or the need to reapply, as well as the possibility of missing submission deadlines due to existing time constraints within the company.

    It is important to note that the EIC Accelerator program typically designates between two to four cut-off dates each calendar year for the submission of applications. These deadlines are pivotal for applicants to consider when devising their strategic plans for the submission of proposals. The intervals between these cut-off dates can influence the overall planning and timing of applications, serving as critical waypoints for companies in their journey through the EIC Accelerator’s competitive selection process. Consequently, applicants must meticulously factor in these deadlines as part of their comprehensive planning to optimize their chances for success.

    Timeline and Submission Deadlines for the EIC Accelerator Application Process

    Step 1 of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator is designed as an open-ended, rolling phase, allowing prospective applicants to submit their innovative business concepts at their convenience, without being constrained by specific deadlines. Following a successful evaluation in Step 1, candidates are then eligible to progress to Step 2, the cut-off stage, which is distinctly scheduled and occurs on average between 2 to 4 times within a given calendar year. Should applicants clear the rigorous selection process of Step 2, they are subsequently invited to engage in the third and final assessment phase — Step 3. This entails a more personal and in-depth evaluation, traditionally conducted through a video conference platform. This interview is timely orchestrated to take place within a few weeks subsequent to the determination of Step 2 outcomes, ensuring a seamless and efficient advancement through the EIC Accelerator’s comprehensive evaluation process.

    Steps to Take and Opportunities for Feedback Following an Unsuccessful EIC Accelerator Application

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator adopts a comprehensive and structured evaluation mechanism which includes a clear policy for dealing with recurrent rejections, known as the 3 strikes, you’re out rule. Under this directive, if a company’s proposal is rejected on three separate occasions across any of the evaluation phases of the EIC Accelerator programme, they will be rendered ineligible to re-submit the same project, or a project with similar objectives and content, until the conclusion of the Horizon Europe framework programme. This policy emphasises the importance of refining and enhancing proposals based on feedback received.

    However, this rule also serves to underscore the built-in encouragement for iterative improvement inherent in the EIC Accelerator process. Each applicant is provided with multiple opportunities to refine their innovation project proposals through successive resubmissions, drawing on the feedback from previous rounds to bolster their application’s strength and alignment with the program’s objectives. It is noteworthy that a number of projects that ultimately attain funding from the EIC Accelerator may have previously faced one or more rejections before achieving success. This iterative process demonstrates the EIC’s commitment to fostering innovation and allowing for applicant development, acknowledging that the path to groundbreaking innovation is often paved with initial setbacks and subsequent refinements.

    Step-by-Step Guide to the EIC Accelerator Application Procedure

    Step 1: Submitting the Preliminary Application Form for the EIC Accelerator Program

    The initial phase of the application process for the EIC Accelerator, known as Step 1, requires applicants to meticulously prepare and submit a comprehensive suite of materials. This includes a detailed 12-page written proposal that outlines the innovation project, its objectives, the team’s expertise, and the potential market impact. In addition, applicants must craft a compelling 3-minute video pitch, which serves as a dynamic and visual representation of their proposal, allowing them to effectively communicate the essence of their innovation and business plan. Complementing these components is a concise 10-page pitch deck that visually summarizes the project, emphasizing its unique value proposition and commercial potential.

    Applicants also need to complete the standard fields of the online application form, ensuring that all required information is provided in a clear and structured manner. For new entrants to the EIC Accelerator program, the assembly of these application documents typically requires a dedicated effort spanning 2 to 4 weeks, as it is essential that the submitted materials accurately reflect the innovation’s merits and market viability.

    Upon submission, the proposal enters a rigorous evaluation phase, where it is assessed by a panel of expert evaluators. To progress to Step 2 of the EIC Accelerator, the application must secure a GO rating from at least three-quarters of the evaluators, signaling that the project satisfies the high standards set for innovation potential, team capacity, and potential impact. Achieving consensus from a minimum of three out of four evaluators is thus crucial for applicants hoping to move forward in the highly competitive EIC Accelerator process.

    Step 2: Crafting Your Comprehensive Business Plan for the EIC Accelerator

    The second stage of the EIC Accelerator application process entails the development of an in-depth business plan, which typically spans over 50 pages in length, meticulously detailing the strategic direction, market analysis, innovation potential, implementation roadmap, and projected impact of the proposed undertaking. This comprehensive document is supplemented by a suite of critical annexes, including but not limited to:

    • A concise, compelling 3-minute video pitch that encapsulates the essence of the business proposition and its unique value proposition.
    • A pitch deck, professionally designed to succinctly convey key points of the business plan to stakeholders and evaluators.
    • A thorough set of financial documents that provide a transparent view into the company’s current financial health and future financial projections.
    • A detailed Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis, ensuring that the intellectual property rights are clearly identified, and potential legal barriers are addressed.
    • A Data Management Plan (DMP), outlining the methodologies for the collection, storage, protection, and sharing of data generated within the project.
    • Letters of Intent (LOI), demonstrating market interest and validation from potential customers or partners.
    • Curricula Vitae (CV) of the core team members, showcasing the expertise and experience that each brings to the project.

    Additionally, applicants are required to fill out the standard fields in the online application form, ensuring that all requisite information is accurately captured.

    The meticulous preparation of these documents is a task that applicants typically allocate between 6 to 8 weeks to complete, to ensure that every aspect of the proposal is polished and aligns with the high standards expected by the EIC Accelerator evaluators.

    Subsequent to the submission, a panel of three independent evaluators is tasked with a comprehensive review of the application. It is imperative for the project to receive a unanimous GO rating from all three evaluators in order to progress to Step 3 of the EIC Accelerator scheme. This unanimous endorsement serves as a testament to the exceptional quality and potential of the project under consideration.

    Step 3: In-Depth Candidate Presentation through the Interview Process with the EIC Accelerator Panel

    The Step 3 interview process of the EIC Accelerator is a meticulous and comprehensive evaluation stage, requiring candidates to engage in a direct dialogue either through a video conferencing platform or by attending in person at a designated location in Brussels, Belgium. This critical phase begins with the applicant delivering a concise yet impactful presentation of their innovation and business case, lasting no more than 10 minutes, utilizing the pitch deck prepared and submitted during Step 2 of the application process.

    Following this pitch, the applicant is subjected to a rigorous 35-minute question-and-answer interrogation by the EIC Jury—a panel deliberately composed of experts with a variety of backgrounds to ensure a diverse and holistic assessment. Typically, this panel includes five distinguished jury members, but the presence is not limited to these experts alone. The group is augmented by representatives from the European Commission’s European Innovation Council (EIC) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), as well as EIC Program Managers, all of whom bring their specialized perspectives to the evaluation process.

    Applicants are advised to allocate a full two weeks for thorough preparation ahead of this interview, as the stakes are high and the scrutiny is intense. During this period, potential awardees meticulously refine their pitch, anticipate possible questions, and strategize on how to effectively communicate the value of their innovation. It is imperative that every member of the EIC Jury signals their approval—denoted as a GO—for the candidate to be deemed successful and to secure the coveted EIC Accelerator funding, which is instrumental in propelling groundbreaking innovations from the conceptual stage to the market.

    Next Steps and Guidance for Successful Applicants: Navigating Post-Funding Procedures with the EIC Accelerator

    Upon confirmation of the funding amount sought by the applicant, the EIC Accelerator initiates a thorough due diligence process tailored to either the Grant component or the Equity component. For applicants pursuing Grant funding, this phase involves the meticulous assembly of the Grant Agreement Contract (GAC). It is a critical stage where applicants are required to provide comprehensive documentation for review. This documentation encompasses a detailed financial overview of the company, identification and verification of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO), along with requisite company registration and foundational documents, all of which can be uploaded through the dedicated EIC Accelerator portal.

    Simultaneously, the due diligence for the Equity component is spearheaded by the European Investment Bank (EIB). This procedure entails a systematic and interactive evaluation, during which the EIB establishes a direct line of communication with the applicants as well as any co-investors associated with the applicant. The aim is to gain a deep understanding of the business and its stakeholders, thereby facilitating a sound investment decision.

    The Equity financing is typically executed through strategic financial instruments that may include, but are not limited to, direct equity investments, convertible notes, or other comparable financial vehicles. However, it is worth noting that the EIC Fund exhibits a preference for participating in larger funding rounds alongside an applicant’s existing investors. This co-investment strategy serves to leverage the collective financial strength and confidence of the combined investor base, thereby enhancing the growth potential of the pioneering enterprise.

    Comprehensive Overview of the Training Components Provided to Applicants in the EIC Accelerator Program

    Comprehensive Collection of Required Templates for the EIC Accelerator Application Process
    The EIC Accelerator Applicant Training Program offers an exhaustive suite of meticulously crafted templates designed to streamline the preparation of both Step 1 and Step 2 submissions for the EIC Accelerator. These templates are enriched with comprehensive instructions, delivered through both textual guidelines and instructional videos. This approach ensures a systematic and clear progression through the application process, allowing the applicant to move efficiently from one step to the next.

    Emphasizing the significance of a well-structured framework, these templates serve as an indispensable tool in any grant application, effectively simplifying the writing stage. They provide a solid groundwork, which eliminates the need for applicants to expend time and resources on developing their own format. Consequently, this allows aspiring innovators to direct their attention and efforts towards the core content of their application—articulating the innovation, potential impact, and business strategy—while remaining confident that the structural integrity of their submission aligns with the EIC Accelerator’s high standards and requirements.

    Step 1: Detailed Application Templates for the EIC Accelerator Program

    The initial phase of the EIC Accelerator application process, Step 1, encompasses a comprehensive suite of five meticulously crafted templates, specifically designed for Google Docs and Google Sheets, and readily accessible via Google Drive. These templates are tailored to address various components of the application, including:

    1. The Main Proposal Text Template: Crafted to guide applicants in articulating the core narrative of their proposal, with structured sections to ensure all critical aspects of the project are thoroughly covered.
    2. The Video Scripting Template: Developed to assist teams in scripting a compelling and concise pitch video, which is an integral part of the application, by providing a clear framework for presenting their innovative concepts.
    3. The Project Overview Template: This template is designed to capture essential project information at a glance, including the project’s acronym, title, and an engaging abstract to succinctly convey the project’s essence.
    4. A Reference Guidance Document: This provides users with a detailed guide on how to utilize the templates effectively and adhere to the EIC Accelerator’s submission standards, ensuring that all necessary information is included and well-presented.
    5. The Team Table Collection Template: To facilitate the organization of team member information, roles, and contributions, enabling a clear representation of the project’s human resources.

    These templates have been carefully developed to streamline the writing and preparation process of the application. By employing these tools, applicants can maintain a cohesive structure and tone throughout their documents. Moreover, the collaborative nature of these templates on Google Drive allows for seamless sharing amongst team members, thus enabling efficient delegation and expediting the preparation process. With these resources at their disposal, EIC Accelerator applicants can enhance the quality and coherence of their submissions, significantly increasing their potential for a successful application.

    Step 2 Application Documentation Templates for EIC Accelerator Candidates

    Step 2 of the EIC Accelerator application process provides applicants with a cohesive suite of six meticulously designed templates, which are made available through Google Drive for ease of access and collaboration. These templates are specifically tailored for essential components of the application, including the main proposal narrative, Letters of Intent (LOI), the comprehensive Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis, the detailed Data Management Plan (DMP), a concise yet comprehensive company profile, and an advanced budget planning spreadsheet.

    Each template, whether a Google Doc or Google Sheet, is crafted with a focus on user-friendliness, ensuring that the complexity of the content does not compromise the efficiency of the application process. The budget planning document is particularly noteworthy for its embedded formulas, which enable automatic calculations of the final budget figures and associated financial metrics, thereby streamlining the financial planning aspect for applicants. These templates embody a strategic balance, eschewing overly intricate structures in favor of a straightforward format that facilitates an effective and streamlined preparation of the proposal, thereby reducing the administrative burden on applicants.

    Step 3: Tailored Business Coaching for EIC Accelerator Candidates

    The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator program meticulously readies candidates for the Step 3 pitch and interview through a comprehensive and tailored coaching program. Each EIC Accelerator prospect receives personalized attention, ensuring that their preparation is finely tuned to create the most compelling and persuasive presentation possible. This involves a careful crafting of the pitch narrative, taking into account the unique value proposition and strengths of each applicant’s innovation.

    In anticipation of the formidable evaluation during the 45-minute interview process, in-depth question and answer sessions are conducted to equip the candidate with the ability to confidently address and navigate through any inquiries that may arise, relating to their project or business. Drawing upon a wealth of insight garnered from numerous years in the field, the coaching encompasses pivotal topics such as the intricacies of the proposed technology or innovation, the robustness of the financial structures, and the strategic governance practices of the company.

    Moreover, applicants are provided with two additional templates specifically designed to aid in the structuring and refinement of their pitch. These templates serve as invaluable tools in organizing content effectively and communicating key points with clarity and impact. As a finishing touch to the comprehensive preparation package, a meticulously compiled checklist is made available. This checklist serves as a critical final review tool to ensure all crucial elements of the pitch and anticipated questions have been sufficiently addressed, leaving no stone unturned as the candidate steps confidently into the interview phase of the EIC Accelerator assessment.

    Comprehensive Written Guidelines and In-depth Video Tutorials for the EIC Accelerator Application Process

    The EIC Accelerator templates are meticulously crafted to include an enriched learning experience via an extensive suite of video training materials. The comprehensive library encompasses over 90 modules, meticulously dissecting each critical facet of the proposal development journey. These instructional units are seamlessly integrated as references within the Step 1 and Step 2 templates, ensuring that they serve as a practical guide to the narrative crafting process.

    Applicants can leverage this advanced structure to draw upon the distilled experience and advice of seasoned professionals, thereby obtaining a crystal-clear understanding of the expectations and standards for each distinct section or annex of their proposal. This strategic approach is designed to substantially elevate the likelihood of submitting a successful application.

    Moreover, the modular design of our resources empowers applicant teams to distribute the proposal workload efficiently. By enabling multiple team members to concurrently tackle different segments of the proposal, a collaborative and agile proposal development environment is fostered. This advantage is a strategic divergence from the traditional consultancy approach or dependence on a single external grant writer, often resulting in a more streamlined and expeditious proposal generation process. This team-based approach not only reinforces internal expertise but also establishes a formidable pace that surpasses conventional methods, setting applicants on a swift trajectory towards EIC Accelerator success.

    ChatEIC: Your Advanced AI-Powered Assistant for Navigating the EIC Accelerator Program

    Exclusive to OpenAI subscribers, each participant enrolled in the EIC Accelerator Training program is privileged to unlock the capabilities of ChatEIC, an advanced AI-driven platform tailored to leverage the innovative functionalities inherent in OpenAI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT). ChatEIC is intricately programmed to interact with the comprehensive repository of training materials, ensuring that it can dispense astute advice, meticulously organize proposal frameworks, and skillfully craft preliminary drafts of proposal sections tailored to each applicant’s unique project vision.

    Although utilizing this AI assistant as the sole resource for proposal composition is not advisable—preserving the applicant’s authentic voice and vision is paramount—ChatEIC stands as a formidable digital ally. It seamlessly transforms the traditionally arduous proposal-writing endeavor into a highly efficient, synergistic activity. By harmonizing the talents of the human intellect with the efficiency of AI, ChatEIC accelerates the proposal development timeline, ultimately propelling participants towards their goals with greater speed and efficacy.

    Maximizing Efficiency with ChatEIC: Your Comprehensive Guide to Navigating and Utilizing the EIC Accelerator’s Interactive Communication Platform

    ChatEIC is equipped with advanced document comprehension capabilities, enabling it to meticulously analyze a broad array of uploaded materials, including but not limited to pitch decks, grant applications, comprehensive business plans, and intricate white papers. By delving into the content of these documents, ChatEIC proficiently extracts pivotal information, which it uses to systematically organize and enhance the various sections of a proposal. Moreover, this intelligent tool is adept at fielding queries related to the intricacies of the grant writing process, thereby streamlining the task for applicants and potentially obviating the need for video tutorials and other forms of instructional assistance.

    In an effort to adapt to the dynamic regulatory environment of OpenAI’s platform, ChatEIC is designed with flexibility in mind. As such, it operates under certain parameters that may impose limitations on usage, particularly with respect to the volume of prompts it can process within a given hour. These restrictions are contingent on the prevailing policies set forth by OpenAI and are designed to ensure both compliance with regulatory standards and optimal functionality within the EIC Accelerator’s support framework.

    Key Benefits of Participating in the EIC Accelerator’s Comprehensive Applicant Training Program

    Identifying the Key Individuals with In-Depth Knowledge of Your Company’s Inner Workings

    Having engaged the services of professional advisory firms, a multitude of enterprises have voiced two predominant grievances: firstly, the caliber of the deliverables failed to align with their anticipations, and secondly, the burden of composing substantial portions of the grant proposal reverted to their own teams. This scenario stems from a prevalent practice within the grant consultancy landscape, where substantial consultancies frequently delegate the core of the manuscript development to external freelance personnel. These independent contractors, often remunerated at rates not commensurate with the intricacies of the task, may lack the necessary incentive to fully commit to the project’s success and can be subjected to rotation throughout the project’s life cycle. Such dynamics precipitate a fluctuation in the standard of work, adversely affecting the quality of proposals submitted by applicants. Consequently, to ensure the conveyance of their business narrative with the requisite accuracy and depth, applicants find themselves compelled to intervene and author sections of the application. This supplementation becomes necessary due to the incontrovertible insight that the most authentic and comprehensive understanding of a business is inherently possessed by its internal team.

    Progress Through the EIC Accelerator at a Pace Tailored to Your Individual Schedule

    The EIC Accelerator Training Program offers an invaluable advantage by providing applicants with the flexibility to tailor the proposal development process to their unique requirements. Participants have the autonomy to determine the composition of their team, opting to either distribute the workload among several team members or proceed individually, according to their strategic preference. This customizable approach enables them to align the progression of their proposal meticulously with the rhythm that suits their enterprise’s operational dynamics.

    Understanding that the roadmap to submission can be affected by the variability of resubmission intervals and the fluctuation of EIC Accelerator cut-off dates, the Training Program is designed to accommodate these uncertainties. This adaptability ensures that applicants are not compelled to adhere to the fixed schedules imposed by external consultancy services. Instead, they can integrate the proposal preparation seamlessly into their ongoing business activities, ensuring that participation in the EIC Accelerator does not disrupt their standard operational cadence. Consequently, the Training Program stands as an optimal solution for maintaining business continuity while pursuing the remarkable opportunity provided by the EIC Accelerator.

    In-Depth Expert Consultation and Advanced Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Writing Support for EIC Accelerator Proposals

    The EIC Accelerator Training Program has been meticulously constructed under the expert direction of Dr. Stephan Segler, a seasoned EIC Accelerator consultant renowned for his impressive track record in authoring victorious proposals for the EIC Accelerator program. Dr. Segler extends his vast experience by not only crafting compelling applications but also by offering comprehensive support that encompasses all phases of the application procedure. His mentorship spans the intricacies of creating persuasive videos, scripting engaging pitches, and conducting thorough interview preparations, to navigating the complexities of the due diligence process.

    This training program is distinguished by its granular attention to the subtleties and nuances pertinent to the EIC Accelerator application journey, as informed by Dr. Segler’s in-depth understanding and personal successes within the program. It embodies a rich repository of knowledge, capturing the essence of what it takes to emerge successful in this highly competitive arena.

    Moreover, the program is complemented by the innovative ChatEIC, an Artificial Intelligence-powered virtual assistant, exclusively accessible to OpenAI subscribers. ChatEIC stands ready to offer instantaneous, round-the-clock feedback and assistance, thereby revolutionizing the support structure for applicants. With its ability to engage in real-time interactions, ChatEIC serves as an invaluable resource for candidates seeking immediate counsel and direction at any stage of their application process.

    Enhanced Team-Based Writing Strategies within the EIC Accelerator Framework

    The EIC Accelerator Training module is meticulously crafted to facilitate synergistic collaboration among team members. Utilizing the robust capabilities of Google Drive as the central repository for document management, the training ensures that all relevant materials are accessible in real time, thereby enabling concurrent contribution from multiple team members across various sections of the proposal. This method significantly accelerates the proposal preparation process, outpacing traditional consultancy-based approaches.

    The training is strategically segmented, with comprehensive instructions tailored specifically to each distinct section of the proposal. This modular design effectively dismantles the traditional knowledge barriers often encountered when engaging external consultancy services, allowing for a more self-sufficient and streamlined application process.

    To enhance the collaborative experience further, the training incorporates a synchronized video training platform, which permits all team members to engage in the learning process simultaneously. This shared learning environment is complemented by the immediate availability of all Google Drive templates and resources, alongside the integrated communication tool, ChatEIC, which fosters real-time dialogue and exchange of ideas. The result is a cohesive, efficient, and interactive proposal development journey, empowering teams to produce high-caliber submissions with increased efficiency and alignment.

    Track Record of Achievements Under the EIC Accelerator Program

    Drawing upon a rich history of prior triumphs across an array of sectors, the EIC Accelerator’s Training Program is meticulously crafted, incorporating comprehensive insights from groundbreaking advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence, cutting-edge battery technology, and innovative recycling processes. Our curriculum is founded upon an extensive spectrum of expertise in both software and hardware domains, ensuring that the knowledge imparted is highly transferable and relevant across a multitude of project types. The program provides an in-depth exploration of the specific requirements and milestones associated with varying Technology Readiness Levels (TRL), particularly focusing on the nuanced demands within the MedTech and pharmaceutical fields. It offers a plethora of case studies drawn from disparate industries, which serve to illustrate the practical application of theoretical concepts. Furthermore, the training encompasses an extensive array of business model frameworks, demonstrating their applicability and potential customization to distinct entrepreneurial ventures. Ultimately, the EIC Accelerator Training Program is meticulously designed to be universally applicable, equipping innovators and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in any project they undertake.


    The articles found on Rasph.com reflect the opinions of Rasph or its respective authors and in no way reflect opinions held by the European Commission (EC) or the European Innovation Council (EIC). The provided information aims to share perspectives that are valuable and can potentially inform applicants regarding grant funding schemes such as the EIC Accelerator, EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition or related programs such as Innovate UK in the United Kingdom or the Small Business Innovation and Research grant (SBIR) in the United States.

    The articles can also be a useful resource for other consultancies in the grant space as well as professional grant writers who are hired as freelancers or are part of a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). The EIC Accelerator is part of Horizon Europe (2021-2027) which has recently replaced the previous framework program Horizon 2020.

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