Allocating Financial Resources to Catalyze Groundbreaking Technological Innovations through the EIC Accelerator Program

Understanding the European Innovation Council Accelerator: A Comprehensive Overview of Its Purpose, Features, and Opportunities for Visionary Entrepreneurs The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator represents a pivotal component of Horizon Europe’s comprehensive suite of funding initiatives, meticulously designed to underpin cutting-edge companies that are at the forefront of exploiting radical technological advances or path-breaking scientific … Read more

Financing Pioneering Breakthroughs through the EIC Accelerator

An Overview of the European Innovation Council Accelerator Programme The EIC Accelerator, an esteemed funding initiative under the auspices of the European Innovation Council (EIC) and integral to the Horizon Europe framework, is dedicated to providing substantial financial support to pioneering enterprises. This program focuses on organizations that are at the forefront of advancing technological … Read more

Accelerating EIC Accelerator Applications: The Advantages of Rasph Training for In-House Team Collaboration

Introduction For startups and SMEs aiming to apply for the EIC Accelerator, the Rasph training program offers a strategic advantage. By equipping an in-house team with the necessary skills and knowledge, the program enables companies to write their applications collaboratively and efficiently. This approach can often lead to a faster final result compared to relying … Read more

Balancing Scale and Quality: The Challenges Faced by Large EIC Accelerator Consultancies

Introduction In the realm of EIC Accelerator applications, the largest consultancies often face a paradoxical challenge: maintaining high-quality services while managing a vast pool of freelance writers. This article examines how the scale of operations in these consultancies can impact quality control and the implications of their need to take on a broad range of … Read more

Navigating the Grant Writing Landscape: The Critical Need for Specialization in EIC Accelerator Applications

The landscape of grant writing, particularly for highly competitive and prestigious programs like the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator, presents a unique challenge for companies seeking funding. Most professional grant writers do not specialize in a single grant program due to the inherently low success rates of such grants. However, given the complexity and specificity … Read more

The Pitfalls of Large Writing Teams in Grant Applications

Introduction The grant application process, particularly for prestigious programs like the European Innovation Council’s (EIC) Accelerator, is a complex task often undertaken by large writing teams. However, this approach can inadvertently hinder the application’s effectiveness, primarily due to the diffusion of responsibility among team members. The Challenge of Diffused Responsibility In large writing teams, no … Read more

The Consultancy Hive: Navigating the World of Freelance Writers in Grant Applications

Introduction In the competitive realm of grant funding, particularly within programs like the European Innovation Council’s (EIC) Accelerator, the reliance on consultancy firms that utilize a network of freelance writers is becoming increasingly prevalent. This article explores the dynamics of how consultancies are employing a hive of freelance writers to meet the growing demand for … Read more

Presenting ChatEIC: The AI Co-Pilot for EIC Accelerator Applications

Imagine you could simply generate an entire EIC Accelerator application based on a single company file and a few prompts. ChatEIC, a custom AI based on GPT-4, is able to do exactly just that. EIC Accelerator Modules The EIC Accelerator Training Program utilizes a Module-based approach to grant writing where specific sections are combined into … Read more

On Hiring a Consultant or Grant Writer for the 2021 EIC Accelerator (SME Instrument)

The EIC Accelerator blended financing (formerly SME Instrument Phase 2, grant and equity) has introduced a new stage to the application process in 2021 which acts as a mini-proposal termed Step 1 (read: Re-Inventing the EIC Accelerator). It includes materials such as a written grant application, a video pitch and a pitch deck which must … Read more

Keyword and Evaluator Selection for EIC Accelerator Applications (SME Instrument)

The EIC Accelerator blended financing (formerly SME Instrument Phase 2, grant and equity) allows all applying startups and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) to add keywords into the platform which will be used to select expert evaluators (read: AI Tool Review). In the past, this feature was a black box function since professional writers and … Read more

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