EIC Accelerator Beneficiaries

This table includes all EIC Accelerator beneficiaries selected between 2021 and 2024.

Updated: July 15th 2024.

Perseus Biomics BVBAPerseus MAPMicrobiome Abundance Profiling: Precision microbiome profiling for insights into human health & researchBelgium2021
VEOWARESATAGILITY-GO2MARKETInnovative next-generation space actuator technology enabling satellites to manoeuvre 10 times faster to boost their
SUNRISESUNRISE TxAffordable light solution for treating sleep apneaBelgium2021
SPECTRO INLETS APSUBISpecUbiquitous in-line mass spectroscopy for industrial process monitoring and optimisation with sustainable impactsDenmark2021
Kaffe BuenoKB-BIOREFINERYA biorefinery for upcycling coffee waste into sustainable, healthy, high-value ingredientsDenmark2021
SPARROW QUANTUM ASQTOOLSingle-Photon Light Sources for Quantum TechnologiesDenmark2021
Inprother ApsCancERVaccTargeting Cancer with ERV VaccinesDenmark2021
Hoba Therapeutics ApSSense21HB-086 and HB-097 for treatment of chronic sensory neuronal disorders - neuropathic pain and hearing lossDenmark2021
MultiCharge OUACTAmpher unique controller technology that enables using the full available grid capacity and allows charging up to 6x more EVs simultaneously with the same grid connectionEstonia2021
RisutecForest MakerNew-generation integrated automated planter platformFinland2021
MINIMA PROCESSOR OYMINIMA EDAUltra-low energy computing technology to make intelligent wireless devices energy efficientFinland2021
GlucoModicum OyPREVENTDIABETESThe world's first needle-free continuous glucose monitor to prevent and manage diabetes at scaleFinland2021
LACTIPSECOLACTIPACKA material to unlock plastic-free paper packaging for foodFrance2021
SABI AGRISWARMCultivate crops with a fleet of electric agroecological robots that preserve the soilsFrance2021
SquareMindSWANSWAN: Blitzscaling the early detection of skin cancerFrance2021
SAS UPMEMENERGIA/PIMAccelerating datacentre performance through memory chips to efficiently manage the big data ageFrance2021
EVerZomACROBATToward democratisation of extracellular vesicles-based therapiesFrance2021
Qubit PharmaceuticalsATLASNext generation HPC/QC in silico drug discovery platform leveraging the latest advances in high-performance and quantum computingFrance2021
ALICE & BOBCatQubitUniversal quantum computers with self-correcting cat-qubit technologyFrance2021
SynovanceNextGen DyesEfficient bio-production of next generation dyes for sustainable fashionFrance2021
AENITIS TECHNOLOGIESACI2021Reliable and durable composite bonding & fastening solutionsFrance2021
COLD PADC_CLAW_C_HAWKC-CLAW - The revolutionary Non-intrusive mechanical Fastener that facilitates life extension of existing infrastructuresFrance2021
GANYMED ROBOTICSGanymedNext-generation surgical robotics to set a new standard of care in orthopaedic surgeryFrance2021
OLEDCOMM SASSATELLIFEDisruptive communication system based on LiFi technology for spacecrafts and aerospace infrastructureFrance2021
Orbem GmbHOrbem GenusThe Orbem Genus: AI-powered imaging technology for fast, accurate, and contactless object classification & analyticsGermany2021
SeqanaSeqanaBreakthrough satellite-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solutionGermany2021
NEBUMA GmbHKRAFTBLOCKScalable, modular, high temperature, cost-efficient thermal energy and power storage and conversion system made of upcycled industrial by-productsGermany2021
STABL Energy GmbHSMART BATTERYIncreasing the efficiency, sustainability and lifecycles of battery systems through advanced module-level power electronicsGermany2021
ITHERA MEDICAL GMBHFRONTIERFrom research optoacoustic novelty to imaging established in routine diagnosticsGermany2021
traceless materials GmbHMaEtraMarket Entry traceless materialsGermany2021
Smartlane GmbHLogisticsBrainSelf-learning AI-based transport optimization software as a service for the most complex logis-tics scenarios in real-time enabling double-digit cost-, CO2- and tyre wear savingsGermany2021
RadonTec GmbHAlphaSensorMaking protection from cancer-causing radon available to everyone with a unique radon sensor: small, fast, reliable,
connected, affordable
GrOwnValve GmbHGrownValveA prosthetic heart valve for adults and children, made from the patient's own tissue, a replacement heart valve that lasts a
nyris GmbHNyrisTransforming industrial part replacement and after sales through visual search and synthetic imagesGermany2021
PROSION GmbHProMThe ProM platform: New ways to drug the undruggableGermany2021
AVeta MedicalAVetaHormone-free solution for vaginal atrophyIreland2021
Akara Robotics LimitedAVRICSAkara Violet Robotic Infection Control SystemIreland2021
CRANNMED LTDEmboSureDisruptive, drug free treatment of knee osteoarthritis using novel materials and minimally invasive catheter deliveryIreland2021
Contego Sports LtdNProSendDevelopment and commercialisation of a next generation sports head guard, embedded with clinically validated sensors, for the detection of sports induced brain injuriesIreland2021
PROVERUM MEDICALProVee IISimple, safe and effective treatment solutions for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), that can be provided in the doctor's office.Ireland2021
CorNeat Vision Ltd.RESEEA Revolutionary Artificial Cornea and Surgical ProcedureIsrael2021
Innoventric LtdTrilliumA transcatheter functional valve replacement for tricuspid valve insufficiencyIsrael2021
Wi-Charge LtdWI-CHARGEWi-Charge is developing a paradigm-shift in wireless power systems that overcomes current limitations, allowing charging devices over the air with a range of 10 meters and available power that is 100X more than batteriesIsrael2021
ZYGOFIX LTDzLOCKThe first true minimally-invasive spinal fusion systemIsrael2021
enGenome srleVaiA novel bioinformatics SaaS platform to identify and classify the pathogenicity of single genomic variants and oligogenic variant combinations for the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseasesItaly2021
VOISEED S.R.L.ETTSA ground-breaking Expressive Text-To-Speech platform to create emotionally resonant virtual voicesItaly2021
UAB INOVATYVI MEDICINASERSmart, sensory, tele-operated robotic system Sentante that for the first time ever enables fully robotic endovascular
Orbisk BVBinspectorCutting-edge food waste solution for restaurantsNetherlands2021
PLANT-E BVPlant-ePlant-powered energy harvesting system for IoT solutionsNetherlands2021
SENSIUS B.V.HyperCollar4DRadical improvement of cancer treatment without additional negative side effectsNetherlands2021
Blue Heart Energy B.V.BHEA new high-performance and environmentally clean engine for heat pumps, using thermo-acoustics technologyNetherlands2021
HARDT BVHyperloop for sustainable freight transportHyperloop, for smarter, faster, greener and better transportation starting with freightNetherlands2021
MicroSure BVMEETMUSAAccelerating the impact of microsurgery by upscaling production of the world's first microsurgical robotNetherlands2021
DELMIC CRYO BVMIMAS WorkflowUnlocking the potential of cryo-electron tomography by simplification of the sample preparation workflowNetherlands2021
VarmX BVStopBleedingThe first effective and safe reversal agent to stop or prevent life-threatening bleeding in patients taking the emerging
generation of anticoagulants.
N2 APPLIED ASSmartNitroFarm Scale-upRenewable fertiliser from airNorway2021
Bluegrove ASBluegrove Welfare ShieldSustainable seafood productionNorway2021
Arboreabiofoods LDABiosolar LeafDisrupting the food ingredient and protein markets: a breakthrough technology for large-scale microalgae cultivation.Portugal2021
BRIGHTBest-in-class cancer dIagnostic chip for patient stratification.Portugal2021
GLYCANOSTICS SROProSCANProstate cancer diagnostics using a non-invasive test based on innovative glycan-based scanningSlovakia2021
FOLLOWHEALTH SLHumanITcareRevolutionising remote care of chronic disease patients - an interoperable and smart monitoring platformSpain2021
BOUND 4 BLUE SLbound4blueAdvanced sails to reduce environmental impact and OPEX of maritime transportSpain2021
ROKA FURADADA SLSMART UVSmart Ultraviolet Radiation FiltersSpain2021
Kasi Technologies ABNESS New Electrified Supercharging SystemNESS Dual Hybrid Systems' cost-effective CO2 solutions to increased vehicle electrification and efficiencySweden2021
Intelligent Implants Sweden ABSmartFuseSmartFuse: Game-changer to create a new gold-standard for spinal fusion surgery with wirelessly technologySweden2021
AgroBiogel GmbHAgrobiogelAgroBiogel International Scale-upAustria2021
CFS CONSULTING FRANCHISE & SALES GMBHcapitoMaking information understandable for everyoneAustria2021
iFLUX nviFLUXReal-time flow and flux measurements for combating groundwater supply and pollution.Belgium2021
LAM'ONFOIL'ONFOIL'ON - developing and producing biodegradable and suitable for compost laminating film called LAM'ON
and packaging foil PACK'ON, lowering plastic pollution
AGRIVI DOO ZA PROIZVODNJU, TRGOVINU I USLUGEROBIAI Adviser for Agronomy and Food SafetyCroatia2021
STAC TechnologyDEOSBreakthrough Water Vapor Driven Turbo-Compression System for Sustainable, Thermal, Advanced CoolingDenmark2021
BrainCaptureEDISONEEG-based DIagnosis Support solutiON•(EDISON) to help close the epilepsy diagnosis gap in Low- and Middle-
Income Countries (LMICs) by combining low CAPEX and AI-guided capture with telemedicine
Lotus Microsystems ApSLotus MicroPowerThe World’s Smallest Power ConvertersDenmark2021
Webarx OÃœPROWEBProtecting modern open-source web applicationsEstonia2021
COMPTEK SOLUTIONS OYENLIGHTNovel passivation technique for compound semiconductor devicesFinland2021
FIMUSKRAFTFKBPFimuskraft Biogas Plant (FKBP): a revolutionary and cost-effective biotechnological method to treat and
valorise biowaste
ASKEL HEALTHCARE OYRePaceRebuilding Joint Surface to Prevent Pain and ImmobilityFinland2021
LEKATECH OYRHINOElectric bReaker Hammer transforming the mIning aNd cOnstruction industries to zero-emission.Finland2021
broadbit batteries oySodiScaleCheaper, better batteries from common, safe and available raw materialsFinland2021
TM System Finland OySuperDryerSuper Dryer – Breakthrough clean fibrer dryer to cut emissions in paper production, urban sludge and clothes recyclingFinland2021
Share My SpaceCASSIOPEECollision Avoidance and Space Surveillance Innovations for Orbital Protection in Earth EnvironmentFrance2021
SCINTIL PhotonicsDOLPHINDisruptive OpticaL Engines with PHotonic fully INtegrated Circuits for Optical CommunicationsFrance2021
THRUSTMEEMBRACE IIRamping up production capacity of groundbreaking space propulsion systemsFrance2021
ENERSENSEN.MOTIONENERSENS Motion to Thin InsulationFrance2021
Green Spot TechnologiesFl'Our PlanetValorisation of food production side-streams as multifunctional ingredients by an innovative fermentation
APIX ANALYTICS S.AGREENPIXFirst miniaturized universal gas analyzer for all renewable gases in all their extensive and complex composition at all production and consumption phases including Hydrogen purity for fuel cellsFrance2021
SIPEARLHELIOSHighly Efficient and Lightweight Input/output Open SiliconFrance2021
NETRIS PHARMA SASImmunoNetInhibiting resistance to immunotherapy in Oncology by targeting Netrin-1France2021
BOYDSENSELassieLassie: The first-ever painless breath analyser for people with diabetes, a breakthrough in blood glucose
Lili.aiLili.AIDisruptive AI project management solution to drastically reduce the costs & risks of European large-scale
construction projects
LATTICE MEDICALMATTISSEBreast self-reconstruction: The Promise of Breast Reconstruction with patients’ own tissueFrance2021
Epigene Labs SASmCUBEMulti-omic data driven drug discovery and indication prioritisation platform in oncologyFrance2021
Op2LysisOP2DRAINTo deliver the first medical treatment dedicated to patients with haemorrhagic strokeFrance2021
LiMM Therapeutics SAPILCKYHarnessing the therapeutic Potential of Innate Lymphoid Cells to prevent and treat KidneY-related diseasesFrance2021
Unique Entertainment
Experience SAS
POWDER: the camera of
the metaverse
Turnkey solution for content creation, editing and sharing thanks to an AI/ML technology that automatically
generates highlights from any gaming source
SPARTHA MEDICAL SASSPARTHACUSInnovative multifunctional and smart coatings to prevent medical device related infectionsFrance2021
BIOWEGBiowegA zero waste process for producing all natural, biodegradable replacement additives for synthetic polymers and microspheresGermany2021
Arxum GmbHB-LOCSFully digital Blockchain-based Laboratory Operations Control System for real-time and audit-proof Good Manufacturing Practice conformityGermany2021
PlanBlue GmbHBLUESURVEYUnlocking the value of a blue economy with a revolutionary Underwater Satellite to promote the sustainable
use of our ocean’s resources
ADIVO GMBHCAESAR IBD ProjectThe CAESAR IBD Project: Developing Therapeutic Antibodies for PetsGermany2021
Headmade MaterialsCMFMetal Additive Manufacturing with sinter-based Cold Metal Fusion Technology for mass production of metal
CO2BioClean GmbHCO2TEXTILENovel business model enabled by a patented fermentation technology to produce 100% biodegradable textile fibres from CO2-emissionsGermany2021
SciMo - Elektrische Hochleistungsantriebe GmbHeMONICThe Next Generation of Automotive Electric MotorGermany2021
eNote GmbHEnoteBringing sheet music into the Digital Era via Artificial IntelligenceGermany2021
GENOME BIOLOGICS UGGenBioA disruptive drug discovery and preclinical platform to accelerate the development of novel cardioprotective
MAGMENT GmbHMagChargeDevelopment of an efficient and robust wireless inductive charging system for material handling electric
MagnoTherm SolutionsMCDHighly efficient and sustainable refrigeration based on solid state Magnetic Cooling DeviceGermany2021
PYDRO GMBHPYDRO - Water to DataSensing as a ServiceGermany2021
BLUEDROP MEDICAL LIMITEDNextSTEPNext gen remote management of patients suffering from diabetic foot syndromeIreland2021
Equal 1 Laboratories Ireland
QUENMLQuantum-enhanced Machine LearningIreland2021
Sightec (Israel) Ltd.AUTOFLYGPS-free, beyond the visual line of sight navigation for logistics drones in urban environmentsIsrael2021
FILTERLEX MEDICAL LTDCAPTISAn innovative Embolic Protection Device for stroke prevention during heart valve replacementIsrael2021
COLOSPAN LTDCG-100Temporary intraluminal bypass device designed to reduce the rate of diverting stoma and its related complication by at least 70%Israel2021
PLAS-FREE LTDClearPlasmaAn innovative filtration system to improve the coagulation properties of plasma units to treat patients with massive bleedingIsrael2021
Healium MedicalDMUTEasy to use, contactless Dual-Mode Ultrasound Technology for high accuracy treatment of Atrial Fibrillation,
improving outcomes
BELKIN LASER LTDEyeAccessDirect Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (DSLT): Accessible glaucoma care in secondsIsrael2021
Compira Labs Ltd.FAST-STREAMSolving the ‘last-mile delivery challenge’ for quality Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming contentIsrael2021
FREEZEM CRYOGENICS LTDFreezeMRevivable insect preservation technologies pausing the life cycle of insects at egg or neonate larvae stages for empowering the insect farming industryIsrael2021
Vascular Biogenics LTDOVALThe OVAL study for VB-111 treatment of platinum-resistant ovarian cancerIsrael2021
Cardiac Success Ltd.V-slingTranscatheter Ventricular Repair Device for treatment of Heart Failure PatientsIsrael2021
YonaLink LtdYL SystemA pioneer clinical trial management system to automatically collect, review and analyse prospective clinical
trial data to prompt faster development of novel therapies.
AGADE srlAGADE(Anti-Gravity Active Device for Exoskeletons)An Anti-Gravity Active Device for Exoskeletons to Reduce the Impact of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Logistics, Retailing and Manufacturing Sectors.Italy2021
GreenBone Ortho srlGreenBoneThe Holy Grail in Bone regenerationItaly2021
Circular MaterialsSTOP WASTIN’ MESupercritical Treatment of Process Wastewaters from Surface Treatment Industry MEtalsItaly2021
Ligence UABAI-driven cardiac
ultrasound analysis
AI-driven cardiac ultrasound analysisLithuania2021
AQUABATTERY BVAquaBatteryA 100% sustainable and infinitely scalable electrical energy storage systemNetherlands2021
DENS BVDENS X4Hydrozine Generator for Zero-emission Power on DemandNetherlands2021
DAWN AEROSPACE NEDERLAND B.V.DETOXDetox SatDrive PropulsionNetherlands2021
Sympower B.V.Flex4ScaleFast and versatile real-time balancing of electricity demand flexibility: shaping a clean and levelled power grid in EuropeNetherlands2021
GATT Technologies BVGATT-OPSAUpscaling GATT-Patch production: One-Patch-Stops-All (OPSA) surgical bleeding and organ leakagesNetherlands2021
XELTIS BVHeartRestoreNext-generation heart bypass grafts to naturally restore cardiovascular function.Netherlands2021
QphoXQModemDeveloping the world’s first quantum modemNetherlands2021
Fibriant B.VRECOFIBA unique commercially viable recombinant manufacturing platform for human fibrinogen (rhFib) & thrombin
Allero Therapeutics BVSOMIT-CDNovel First-in-Class Specific Oromucosal Immunotherapy (SOMIT) to treat Celiac Disease (CD)Netherlands2021
Celerway GO miniCelerway GO mini, your office network in your pocketNorway2021
DigiFarmCropCloudDetecting the world's most accurate field boundariesNorway2021
Ocean Oasis ASReWaterOffshore renewable and clean desalination of sea waterNorway2021
DAC Sp.z.o.o.DAC (Dynamic Air Cooling)Breakthrough cold generation technology for efficient & environmentally-friendly cooling.Poland2021
OrganicDisposables LtdFibriTechTechnology for 3D fibrous eco materialsPoland2021
SC DOTLUMEN SRL.lumen – Glasses for the
.lumen - Empowering the blindRomania2021
SIMPLICITY WORKS EUROPE SL3D BondingNew industrial process for footwear manufacturing using 3D BondingSpain2021
AORTYX SLAORTYXRevolutionary vascular repair patch to treat aortic dissectionsSpain2021
ADVANCED MARKER DISCOVERY SLColoDixEarly detection of colorectal cancer in blood based on latest generation biomarkers and Artificial Intelligence toolsSpain2021
SEQUENTIA BIOTECH SLMICKTranslational Microbiome PlatformSpain2021
Novameat Tech, S.L.NewMEATNew Micro-extrusion Advanced Technology for plant-based whole-cut meat substitutesSpain2021
MYSPHERA SLPATHMAKERAn AI-Powered Visual Assistive Design IoT Pathway Platform to implement fast and optimal automated
patient pathways and healthcare demand planning projects
PALOBIOFARMA, S.LRESPIREDevelopment of the first oral disease-modifying treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)Spain2021
Multiverse Computing SLSINGULARITYSINGULARITY: The first quantum software toolbox for financeSpain2021
WOOPTIX S.L.WARMWide Angle and Resolution MetrologySpain2021
IDOVEN 1903 SLWILLEM: AI to Reduce
Cardiovascular Diseases
WILLEM: AI to Reduce Cardiovascular DiseasesSpain2021
Scandinavian Real Heart ABArtOfHeartThe first Total Artificial Heart (TAH) that truly mimics the human heart and has the potential to revolutionise
the market
Edvince ABEDVanceEDV2209 – a Paradigm shift in the treatment of stroke.Sweden2021
Syntach ABHeart Function SupportInnovative, minimally invasive device to support the natural movement of the heart in heart failure patientsSweden2021
AlignD Systems ABNanoWiNovel highly sensitive NanoWire sensors for disease biomarker analysisSweden2021
Minalyze ABSensAI MiningSensAI: The digital transformation of the mining industry that will enable access to critical metals and minerals
needed for the green transformation
H2GO Power Ltd.H2GenxAn innovative Plug&Play hydrogen-based green energy storage system for zero-emission, safe and reliable
power supply
United Kingdom2021
Magdrive LtdMagdrive-NanoNext generation electric plasma propulsion for the new space ageUnited Kingdom2021
OutThink LtdOUTTHINKThe first Cybersecurity Human Risk Management (CHRM) platformUnited Kingdom2021
Recycleye LtdRESOURCEREcovery of target materialS frOm mUnicipal solid waste stReams using artifiCial intelligencEUnited Kingdom2021
NOVA INNOVATION LTDUpTEMPOUpscaling Tidal Energy Manufacturing & Production OutputUnited Kingdom2021
OctaveiBEMS-SeLiBatIntegrated Battery and Energy Management System for Second-Life Battery energy storageBelgium2022
regeneration bvbaResortecsSolving the challenge of multi-material garment recycling with thermal disassemblyBelgium2022
XENOMATIXSE€Unlocking LiDAR technology for European OEMS: For a future of smart and safe Traffic and MobilityBelgium2022
DRONAMICS Ltd.DronamicsThe first European cargo drone airlineBulgaria2022
TRANSMETRICS ADTransmetricsThe AI platform that optimizes logistics planning and asset management by leveraging the power of
predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.
Kvasir Technologies IVSSEAFARERLignocellulosic oil: novel biofuel platform for maritime transportationDenmark2022
Seaborg TechnologiesSEAWEIDelivering Clean, Affordable, and Safe Nuclear Energy with the Compact Molten Salt ReactorDenmark2022
Seventh Sense7SenseIndependent mobility to the blind and visually impaired using wearable remote touch sensing technologyEstonia2022
Aplagon OyAPAC-ONAPAC – the first targeted therapy for peripheral arterial occlusive disease.Finland2022
Carbo Culture OyCARBONCAPSCARBONCAPS - Efficient and verifiable carbon removal with ecosystem co-benefits.Finland2022
CH-BIOFORCE OYCHBPLANTCH-Bioforce first-of-its-kind production plantFinland2022
TILT BIOTHERAPEUTICS OYI-CREATEFighting cancer with next generation oncolytic immunotherapy in ovarian, head & neck, and lung cancers
(Immune Checkpoint Response Enabling Adenovirus Technology )
SURGIFY MEDICAL OYSSB2Surgify Safety Burrs for safer bone surgeryFinland2022
Peili Vision OyVR4NEUROBuilding the world’s largest digital hospital for neurological challengesFinland2022
ALKION BIOINNOVATIONSAlkaBurst2.0AlkaBurst2.0 – A game changing bioreactor for sustainable production of active pharmaceutical ingredients in a consistent, traceable and low cost approachFrance2022
PREDISURGEConfidentConfident®, the digital simulation platform that revolutionizes cardiovascular interventionsFrance2022
CAILABSCROCUSCoherent Rapid Optical Communication Under the StratosphereFrance2022
Scipio bioscienceDEEP-IN-CELLInnovative single-cell RNA-seq kit to detect the rarer and more significant cellular genomic expressionsFrance2022
CONNECTING FOODDIGI-TRUSTYDIGItal Twins of food pRoducts UnleaShing TransparencYFrance2022
DOWN-AUTONOMYLCTB-21: A DYRK1A protein kinase inhibitor for treatment of cognitive decline in Down Syndrome.France2022
BraineverHOMEOBRAINHomeoproteins as novel therapies for neurodegenerative diseasesFrance2022
DRACULA TECHNOLOGIESLAYER®Development of an organic photovoltaic module that generates energy from ambient lightFrance2022
KLEARIAPANDaPANDa - Portable Multi-ANalyzer for the Detection of metals in waterFrance2022
Core Biogenesis SASSEBScalable and Eco-friendly BioproductionFrance2022
Sakowin SASSouth BeachCO2-free, on-demand, on-site production of low-cost green hydrogen produced with micro-wave plasmaFrance2022
Easyl SASUPERZINCSustainable powder materials for zinc rechargeable batteriesFrance2022
Freiburger Medizintechnik
AmbiJetAmbiJet: the world’s first and only highly effective plasma-based solution for Europe’s 16 Million
periimplantitis patients urgently needing help to avoid losing their dental implant
ADJUCOR GMBHBiventricular Epicardial Augmentation TechnologyA revolutionary technology platform for providing life-saving treatment for end-stage heart failure patientsGermany2022
CODASIP GMBHCodasip RISC-V Solution for High-end Processor IPCodasip High-end processor IP and high-level design tools for RISC-VGermany2022
Dermagnostix GmbHDERMAGNOSTIXPioneering diagnostics in dermatology and cancerGermany2022
Envola GmbHEnvola storage heat pump - a new product categoryThe Envola storage heat pump enables the world’s first highly energy-efficient heating, cooling and ventilation system significantly reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Europe.Germany2022
LiveEO GmbHEOinTimeSatellite-based change detection and predictive monitoring of infrastructure grids based on high resolution
ConstellR GmbHHiVEPrecise, Global Temperature Data for a Growing PlanetGermany2022
Crocus Labs GmbHminiSunDisrupting the horticulture industry with smart lighting solutionsGermany2022
Mushlabs GmbHMushlabsUsing biotechnology to create the next generation of sustainable foods from the roots of mushroomsGermany2022
NUVENTURA GMBHNuventuraNovel dry air switchgear technology to reduce industry’s dependence on SF6Germany2022
TWAICE Technologies
Predictive Battery AnalyticsTWAICE predictive analytics and digital twin ecosystem to optimise and automate batteries second life and re-
Thericon GmbHrMSIReal-time multi-spectral imaging for accurate detection of cancerous tissue in endoscopic surgeryGermany2022
alocalo GmbHSmartOnlineSalesRedirecti
Novel AI-based shopping platform for 100% product supply transparency and smart redirection from e-
commerce platforms to local retail to create a resilient European retail sector
VesselSens GmbHStentGuardClinical validation of the First Implantable Sensor System for Wireless detection of stent occlusion/ restenosisGermany2022
COMPUTOMICS GMBHTRAIT4.0TRansition to agriculture 4.0: increasing crop resiliency with Artificial Intelligence TechnologyGermany2022
DT EQUIPMENT EHFIREASIntelligent Real-time Elemental Analysis SystemIceland2022
Venari Medical LimitedEnVenaAutomatic vein wall disruption, triggering the body’s natural cellular healing response to close targeted veins
curing Venous Leg Ulcers
InDx CMC ImplantThe InDx CMC Implant. A new treatment for thumb base joint arthritisIreland2022
OVAGEN GROUP LIMITEDOvavax2Accelerating scale up and commercialisation of 100% bacteria free eggs for use in production of vaccinesIreland2022
Selio Medical LtdSelio SystemDevelopment and commercialisation of a novel needle tract sealant system for pneumothorax prevention
during lung biopsy
Restore Medical LtdContrabandContraBand: the only heart failure medical device that is placed outside the heartIsrael2022
GenetikaPlus LtdRxMineA simple blood test to choose the best treatment for each patient with depression.Israel2022
RISE TECHNOLOGY SRLiSPLASHIndustrial Selective PLAting for Solar HeterojunctionItaly2022
HY2CARE BVACTIVEArticular Cartilage Treatment with Injectable hydrogel is Valuable and long-term EffectiveNetherlands2022
ATRO MedicalAL U KNEEDFirst in class lateral meniscus prothesis to relieve pain and restore mobility for KOA patientsNetherlands2022
QuantWare B.V.DEMOQCDemocratizing quantum computing with 3D scalable and customizable quantum processorsNetherlands2022
ELANA®Bypassing open heart surgery with Excimer Laser Assisted Non Occlusive Anastomosis (ELANA®)Netherlands2022
Qu & Co B.V.Qu&Co-FlowQuantum software platform for multiphysics simulationsNetherlands2022
INVIVO BIONICS ASPRESSUROA life-changing PREssure Sensor System for UROdynamics to solve global urinary storage and voiding
Ecopolplast spolka z o.o.EcoplastomerBreakthrough Technology for Plastic and Rubber Waste Circular TPEPoland2022
Camino Science sp. z o.o.in silico bio-evolutioin silico bio-evolutio - novel AI paradigm for molecular biologyPoland2022
MagrailWelcome to the age of frictionless mobility.Poland2022
AI4MedImaging Medical
Solutions S.A.
AI4CMRAI-based clinical software for fully automated Cardiac Magnetic Resonance reportingPortugal2022
Peek Health, S.A.PeekMedAutoNovel AI-based system for orthopedic surgery to help surgeons fully automate the pre-operative planning of
knee osteotomy
WATGRID LDAWinegridReal time data collection and analytics platform for automatic adjustment of vinification process parameters, a path toward sustainable precision vinificationPortugal2022
SAALG GEOMECHANICS SLGEORGIAGEOtechnical deRisk by Genetic Inverse AnalysisSpain2022
NEOSONICSThe first medical device for non-invasive detection and monitoring of infant meningitisSpain2022
Alcyon Photonics SLSPHUNSmart PHotonic devices Using Novel metamaterialsSpain2022
IGNION SLTRIO++The First Miniaturized Non-Resonant Antenna Tailored to Internet of Things ApplicationsSpain2022
Elicera Therapeutics ABCD20CARNAPTiTANK: a nuniversal technology to boost the efficacy of CAR T cell therapies by inducing dual mode-of-actioSweden2022
XENERGIC ABHIGH-MEMOUltra-High Speed memories for unprecedented cloud-computing performanceSweden2022
CellevateSBMP-microcarrierSBMP - disrupting the manufacturing of biological drugs through a ground-breaking nanotechnology-based
CATTLE EYE LTDDAIRYSCOREScalable, Autonomous and Continuous AI-based Video Monitoring to Improve Animal Welfare, Increase Performance and Reduce Carbon FootprintUnited Kingdom2022
hyperTunnel LimitedhyperSwarmSwarm construction to deliver disruptive step-change improvements to tunnellingUnited Kingdom2022
MULTUS Biotechnology LimitedMultus MediaEnabling affordable and sustainable cultivated meat with a first-in-class growth medium.United Kingdom2022
ARC Marine LTDRESPReef Enhancement Scour ProtectionUnited Kingdom2022
Nemesis Bioscience LimitedTransmidsInactivation of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes in an animal gut microbiome and prevention of horizontal AMR gene transmissionUnited Kingdom2022
AVVie GmbHThe Angelvalve Project AVVieAdvancing Transcatheter Mitral Valve RepairAustria2022
LITHOS CROP PROTECT GMBHMicro Dispensers for sustainable plant protectionUsing mineral carriers for pheromones to apply the ecologically friendly mating disruption method for protecting crops against pests on a large scaleAustria2022
Alpine Quantum Technologies GmbHQCDCQuantum Computers for Data CentersAustria2022
Celeris Therapeutics GmbHCelerisTx - Celeris One PlatformClosed-loop deep learning in early-stage drug discovery - cloud platform for targeted protein degradationAustria2022
BEEODIVERSITYBeeOimpactFrom Bees as a Service (BaaS) to Software as a Service (SaaS) to enhance biodiversity and reduce pollutionBelgium2022
E-PEASEPEASLeading the way to energy autonomous edge computingBelgium2022
SYNERGIA MEDICALNAO.VNSNAO.VNS: A New Personalized Neural Stimulation Therapy For Drug-resistant EpilepsyBelgium2022
NeuronSW SENeuron Soundware (NSW)Neuron Soundware: detecting machine failures early combining sound, AI and IoT technologiesCzechia2022
GO-Pen ApSGO-PenThe first universal and price-neutral insulin penDenmark2022
Abzu ApSHCAI4ALLHuman-Centric AI platform for heALth and Life sciencesDenmark2022
Nanordica Medical OÜNANOWOUNDAntibacterial wound dressing based on advanced nanotechnology to improve the efficiency of wound careEstonia2022
Quanturi OyHAYTECH AIHay data analytics & fermentation control to increase dairy farm milk yieldFinland2022
PAPTIC OYFlexFoamSustainble alternative to flexible packagingFinland2022
QuantrolOx Finland OyqxAutomating quantum control with machine learningFinland2022
GREENOV-ITESSEALENCESub Sea Quieter, a disruptive, low cost and highly efficient Noise Mitigation System for reducing MRE installation noise and turbidity impacts on underwater ecosystemsFrance2022
C12 Quantum ElectronicsHiFiQCHigh-Fidelity Quantum Computing with Carbon NanotubesFrance2022
EYELIGHTSVision - Augmented Reality Windshield DisplayNext Generation Augmented Reality technology to improve car safety and driving experienceFrance2022
MELETIOS TherapeuticsFLUIDITYFighting Large-Scale Untreated Infectious Diseases with Innovative TreatmentsFrance2022
FINEHEARTFLOWMAKERSaving patients from severe heart failureFrance2022
TILKALtilkalNext Generation Blockchain-based Supply Chain Traceability & Transparency PlatformFrance2022
Antabio SASsbli-ant3310A novel combination treatment effective against all multidrug-resistant pathogens deemed as a critical priority by the WHOFrance2022
METAFORA BIOSYSTEMSMETAflowDevelopment and validation of the first digital, clinical grade flow cytometry platform for enhanced diagnosis accuracy and sustainability in immunology and hemato oncologyFrance2022
ORIXHALuncoliveSaving Cardiac Arrest Patients with Hypothermic Lung Conservative Liquid VentilationFrance2022
CENTRE DE RECHERCHE ET DE DEVELOPPEMENT DES ANATIDES DU COURTALET (Aviwell SAS)AviwellDevelopment and validation of Direct-Fed Microbials for farm animals to improve animal growth and better nourish the planetFrance2022
QUANDELAsepoqcScalable Entangled-Photon based Optical Quantum ComputersFrance2022
QARNOT COMPUTINGLoCaCloudLow Carbon CloudFrance2022
MATERRUPClayment - Clay cement for massive CO2 reductionClayment - Clay cement for massive CO2 reductionFrance2022
Porous GmbHNonInvasive Cortical Bone Microstructure AnalysisA Health Technology Assessment of a breakthrough technology in the early diagnosis of Osteoporosis and other bone related diseases.Germany2022
Tripleye GmbHCOP SystemCOP (Circular Optical Perception): A next generation high level sensing system to enable safe and high level automation of industrial vehicles.Germany2022
Xelera Technologies GmbHDYRADynamic High-Performance Open Radio Access Network TechnologyGermany2022
BlinkIn GmbHBlinkIn Visual Assistant - June 2021BlinkIn Visual Assistance - Defining a new category of automated visual support towards to a visual AI Operating System for Europe (not Siri/Alexa). Our moonshot is to "Give the world a Help Button".Germany2022
ReActive Robotics GmbHVEMOtionAssistive Medical Robotics for Very Early Mobilization of Critical Care PatientsGermany2022
FarmInsect GmbHFarmInsectAutomated turnkey insect rearing farm. Enabling farmers to produce their own sustainable insect protein feedGermany2022
HighLine Technology GmbHHighLineFine Line Dispensing Process to apply Narrow Metal Contacts onto Solar CellsGermany2022
VANEVO GmbHClean(S)tackAutomated production process for next-level redox flow battery stacks and modules following a revolutionary different and cost-optimised production approachGermany2022
PHOSPRINT IDIOTIKI KEFALAIOUXIKIETAIREIALaser bioprinting device and in vivo applicationsLaser bioprinting device and in vivo applicationsGreece2022
Treble Technologies ehfTrebleThe virtual sound platform of the futureIceland2022
ATXA THERAPEUTICS LTDPAH-AdvancePAH-ADVANCE: Accelerating the Clinical Path of NTP42, a disease-modifying drug that will disrupt the future treatment of cardiopulmonary diseases, including pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).Ireland2022
AQUAB NANOBUBBLE INNOVATIONS LIMITEDAQUA BUBBLES: Nanobubbles for water treatmentNano-oxygenation in water treatment by ambient-pressure air-fed, ultra-low-energy nanobubble generationIreland2022
PEREGRINE TECHNOLOGIES (HOLDINGS) LIMITEDFPD Recycling.CircularPro-Robust AI and robotics for the WEEE recycling sectorIreland2022
OSTOFORM LIMITEDFlowAssist PouchFlowAssist Pouch will help to improve the skin condition of ostomy pouch users, while introducing novel design features, dramatically improving their lifestyle and management of their conditionIreland2022
Endoron Medical Ltd.aortosealA minimally invasive and durable endograft fastening solution for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)Israel2022
PHONEOPTIKA LTDVISION_GLASSScreen embedded reading glasses - a revolutionary optical technology that eliminates the need for reading glasses while using digital devices.Israel2022
NewPhotonics LtdNEWPhotonicsNEWPhotonics: The Future of Data Center TechnologiesIsrael2022
ELGAN PharmaELGN-GIA first-in-class therapy for intestinal malabsorption in premature newbornsIsrael2022
S.I.T. - Sordina IORT Technologies S.p.A.LIAC FLASHLIACFLASH: a life changing IOeRT technology for oncology careItaly2022
xFarm SrlxTrapReal-time automatic monitoring and ML-based prediction of pest insectsItaly2022
Augmedit B.V.makinG aUgmedit lumI stanDArd in NeurosurgiCal surgEry in 3D: GUIDANCE 3DmakinG aUgmedit lumI stanDArd in NeurosurgiCal surgEry in 3D: GUIDANCE 3DNetherlands2022
Solar Dew Clean Water B.V.SAFEWater-SDCWA Disruptively Novel Approach to Clean and Safe Water Supply to Off-Grid Communities – SAFEWater-SDCWNetherlands2022
IMSystems Holding B.V.Archimedes DriveArchimedes Drive: Driving Innovation in the Robotics IndustryNetherlands2022
SusPhos B.V.SusPhosFirst economically-viable process for phosphate recoveryNetherlands2022
GBM Works B.V.SIMPLE - Simple Installation of MonoPiLEsSIMPLE - Simple Installation of MonoPiLEsNetherlands2022
Nowi B.V.NH-AEnabling self-sustaining low power applications with NH-A—a novel integrated energy harvesting and power management circuitNetherlands2022
OIVI ASiScanAutomated retinal scans for early detection of diabetic eye diseases through use of artificial intelligenceNorway2022
GLUCOSET ASMAGICMinimally invasive reliAble Glucose monitoring in Intensive CareNorway2022
HEMISPHERIAN ASCureGLIOClinical validation of GLIX1: a small molecule that targets epigenetic changes in cancer cells to treat glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the highest global unmet need in oncology.Norway2022
IMMUNETHEPPARAGON NOVEL VACCINEParagon Novel Vaccine (PNV) an effective protection against all serotypes of five deadly bacteria to eradicate Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)Portugal2022
CHARGE2C-NEWCAP LDAHYCAP v2.0Hybrid supercapacitor technology towards a sustainable mobilityPortugal2022
AMSIMCEL SRLhyperPVHyperPV, the first GPU-Powered Physical Verification Framework with High Performance Computing capabilities.Romania2022
IOS, INSTITUT ZA OKOLJEVARSTVO IN SENZORJE, PROIZVODNJA, TRGOVINA IN STORITVE DOOOpenLOOPOpenLOOP recycling technology - sustainable and profitable solution to the management of PET/cellulose wasteSlovenia2022
METHINKS SOFTWARE S.L.Deepstroke-AccParadigm shift in stroke: accurate diagnosis and evaluation of all treatment options in any hospital, at any timeSpain2022
ARTHEX BIOTECH S.L.fight-dm1First In class oliGo THerapy for Myotonic Dystrophy type 1 (DM1)Spain2022
Tucuvi Care SLTUCUVI Voice & AI to reduce chronic disease impactTUCUVI Voice and Artificial Intelligence to reduce the impact of chronic diseasesSpain2022
HEXAGEM ABInGaNiousNext-Generation Indium Gallium Nitride Micro LEDsSweden2022
C Lindhextend ABXTEND UXtend U – An Amputee solution for a life without pain, blisters and infectionsSweden2022
Reliefed ABReliefed3D tab cooled Battery pack solution based on an innovative 3D extrusion manufacturing process to better manage thermal regulation of EV batteriesSweden2022
Stream Analyze Sweden ABsa.engineEnd to end Real-time Interactive Edge AI analytics platform for Industry and AutomotiveSweden2022
Reselo ABNORDIC BIO-RUBBERSustainable rubber for the environment.Sweden2022
TANGI0 LTDTG0A revolutionary touch-sensitive material without environmentally harmful electronicsUnited Kingdom2022
Salience Labs LtdPACIFIC - Photonic Accelerator ChIp For InferenCeThe first massively parallel hybrid photonic / electronic accelerator chip for artificial intelligence inference applications.United Kingdom2022
Sierra Medical Ltd.SM-S1New AI-based method for early detection of lung cancer.United Kingdom2022
Dura Composites LtdgreengrpNovel recycling for sustainable GRP Composites in industryUnited Kingdom2022
CROP INTELLECT LTDR-LeafConverting NOx pollution into plant feedUnited Kingdom2022
Ace Aquatec Ltd.Removing sea lice with low stress electric fields.A modular sea lice removal system utilising electro-anaesthesia, low-pressure pumping and waterjets to gently remove lice without inducing stress and compromising fish welfare.United Kingdom2022
Levistor LtdLevistorGridBoostFlywheel grid boost for ultra-rapid EV chargingUnited Kingdom2022
Brainhero GmbHBrainhero – Embracing
Science-based Brain Training at the comfort of your home – medically certifiedAustria2022
Intelligent NLU GmbHDeepOpinionDemocratizing AI for cognitive process automationAustria2022
Kern Tec GmbHCyanide Extraction
Technology to detoxify oilseeds / fruit seeds that contain cyanogenic glycosides to upcycle and making them edible and usable in the food industry for the first timeAustria2022
Blue Planet Ecosystems
Axiles BionicsSolaris ProjectAXILES Bionics: Solaris ProjectBelgium2022
FOX BIOSYSTEMS NVEV FOxExtracellular Vesicles Fiber Optic Surface Plasmon Resonance selection and analysisBelgium2022
Vésale Bioscience SPRLPhagediagFast, easy diagnostics for personalised phage therapyBelgium2022
PCUBE-LABNeuroClues: the clinical must-have for NeurologistA first-of-a-kind portable, fast and easy to use eye tracking medical device that brings clinically validated eye movement biomarkers for movement disorders (MDs) into the clinical routine of neurologists.Belgium2022
Enduro Genetics ApsBioScaleBiosensor Activated Biomanufacturing Scale-upDenmark2022
Reblade ApSflying factoryFlying Repair Drone for Wind Turbines BladesDenmark2022
EFENCO OUherc accelerating industrial co2 neutralityReducing natural gas needs and carbon emissions in industrial usage and transforming industry towards hydrogen with HERC, a novel plasma-assisted combustion (PAC) technologyEstonia2022
Aurora Propulsion
Technologies Oy
Aurora Plasma Brake (APB)Deorbiting and collision avoidance technologies for scalable sustainable space accessFinland2022
HERANTIS PHARMA OYJReTreatPDRevolutionary therapeutic treatment for stopping progression of Parkinson's diseaseFinland2022
Hurricane Unwinder Oy AbSKYFORANext-generation weather intelligence for more accurate decision making throughout the economyFinland2022
Infinite Orbits SASEnduranceIn-Orbit Services to Satellites OperatorsFrance2022
3DEUS DYNAMICS SASDynamic Molding (DM)An innovative and versatile Additive Manufacturing Process: Dynamic MoldingFrance2022
ELICIT PLANTGeneration Biosourced BiologicalsBiosourced biologicals composed of Phytosterols to elicit plant response to water stress and to biotic stress as part of the transition to ecological agricultureFrance2022
CORWAVECALYPSO IIThe next-generation heart pump to change patients’ lives and create a new standard of careFrance2022
CARMATAeson®The world’s most advanced total artificial heart (TAH).France2022
NEXDOTNexdiagRevolutionising allergies diagnostics with the next generation of ultra-sensitive highly multiplexed diagnostic tests based on micro-pearlsFrance2022
AVATAR MEDICALAVATARUnlocking the Power of Medical Images for SurgeonsFrance2022
SONIOd3pmSonio: Deep-Learning for Detection and Diagnostic of Prenatal MalformationsFrance2022
Releaf Paper France SASReleaf Paper - sustainable leaves-based paperReleaf Paper - breakthrough technology for sustainable production of leaves-based fibre disrupting paper production and eco packaging industriesFrance2022
Tanso Technologies GmbHTCF - Tanso Total Carbon
AI-based Total-Carbon-Footprint for a low-carbon European manufacturing sectorGermany2022
Variolytics GmbHVARIOEmission controll system for wastewater treatmentGermany2022
Energy Robotics GmbHedge airOn the edge AI-driven Autonomous Inspection RobotsGermany2022
IDloop GmbHcastConveniant, advanced, secure and touchless fingerprint scanning for identification purposesGermany2022
LIGHTNTEC GMBHLED-foil-displayThe ultra thin, flexible, lightweight and endless scalable video foil for dynamic ambient lighting and outdoor displaysGermany2022
FaradaIC Sensors GmbHFaradaICFaradaIC: Miniaturising Gas Sensors to enable new sensing possibilities in IoT devicesGermany2022
PRECISIS GMBHBFOREBreakthrough Brain Stimulation Device for EpilepsyGermany2022
AkknaTek GmbHNext level cataract surgeryNext level cataract surgeryGermany2022
Actome GmbHPICO-NGSFirst time ultra-sensitive and simultaneous quantification of proteins, interactions, and post-translational modifications in single cells to enable exponential growth in proteomics and interactomicsGermany2022
CORTEC GMBHBIC ONEBrain Interchange ONE SR—the implantable neuromodulation technology for stroke rehabilitationGermany2022
NANO4IMAGING GMBHTRACKRAn AI powered turn-key solution for MRI based interventional cardiologyGermany2022
Reverion GmbHReverionReversibly operating fuels cells for clean energy and long-term storageGermany2022
IonKraft GmbHIonKraftCoatingPlasma technology as enabler for sustainable plastic packagingGermany2022
Arctic Therapeutics ehfDNACADementia/Alzheimer Drug Attributed to Cystatin-C and other mutations – precision medicine drug
Vaultree LimitedVAULTVAULTIreland2022
Vigor Medical Technologies
C-LANT Drainage PortLife Saving Technology for Thoracic Trauma Treatment and Post Operative DrainageIsrael2022
Energy Dome SPACO2 BatteryCO2 based Utility-Scale Long Duration Energy StorageItaly2022
ALVUS SRLAlvusA complete biomethane set, from agricultural byproducts to energy, a new concept for the exploitation of
agricultural residues.
VALUEBIOTECH SRLM.I.L.A.N.O. RobotTransforming everyday surgery into a painless and scarless experienceItaly2022
Newronika SPAalphadbsAdpative DBSItaly2022
TENSIVE SRLregeneraA natural breast for cancer survivors: resorbable implant supporting tissue regenerationItaly2022
ARSPECTRA S.à r.l.FLUARFLUARLuxembourg2022
Automated Lithium-Ion battery upcycling process using robotics and computer vision to deliver sustainable
energy storage at scale
MAEVE AEROSPACE B.V.Maeve 01Maeve 01 - an All-electric Commuter AircraftNetherlands2022
Dimenco B.V.Simulated RealitySR - the next generation display technology that empowers users to naturally and intuitively work, play and
communicate in 3D - without wearables
Protinhi B.V.ATLASThe first broad-spectrum treatment against pandemic-prone flaviviral infections: Dengue, West-Nile and ZikaNetherlands2022
NC Biomatrix BVVitaDiscA novel non-invasive therapy based on injectable viscous gel for restoring the natural biomechanics of the spine and relieving patients from painNetherlands2022
NICO-LAB BVStrokeFlowEmpowering physicians to provide every stroke treatment with the right treatment in time, with StrokeFlowNetherlands2022
XENIKOS BVMIT-IDModulatory immunotherapy for severe immune diseaseNetherlands2022
ScanTrust B.V.SECURE QR CODESecure Authentication of Products for EveryoneNetherlands2022
Odd.Bot B.V.Agri-Think RobotA Disruptively New Approach to Weed Management Shaping the Future of Sustainable AgricultureNetherlands2022
inphocal BVinPhocalDevelopment of an enhanced laser beam technology based on a new optical system for industrial laser
processing applications.
SAIA AGROBOTICS BVAUTOFARMAutonomous Indoor FarmingNetherlands2022
iOnctura BVCURE-PDACCURE-PDACNetherlands2022
IRIS AI ASThe Digital R&D team
A Digital R&D team member, automating scientific knowledge handling, allowing European R&D to increase
their speed of innovation
Flexofibers Europa S.LFlexoFibersUnlocking the potential of second life steel fibers from tire waste for the construction industrySpain2022
Gate2brain S.L.GATE2BRAINGATE2BRAIN. Medicines beyond barriers.Spain2022
INBRAIN NEUROELECTRONICS SLEGNITEEngineering Graphene for developing Neural Interfaces to revolutionize how we treat neurological diseasesSpain2022
FineBirthPoint of care diagnostic solution for definitive differentiation of true and false threatened preterm labour casesSpain2022
ELEM BIOTECH SLELVISELEM Virtual Heart Populations for SupercomputersSpain2022
ABCDx SALVOCheckDiagnosis of large vessel occlusion (LVO) in acute stroke for improving access to treatmentSpain2022
TIME IS BRAIN S.L.promiseBraiN20®: A paradigm shift in Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS) patient managementSpain2022
ALA Diagnostics, S.L.ALA DIAGNOSTICS MS KITRevolutionising the diagnosis of multiple Sclerosis with the first bioinformatic diagnostic kit that allows early
detection with a simple blood test
Water Challenge SLASECThe first energy and cost-efficient disruptive ZLD Technology for dredged material management, allowing circular economy and zero pollutionSpain2022
Ekkono Solutions ABEkkono FLIIoTEkkono Synthesis: Federated Learning for the Industrial IoTSweden2022
Cyto365 ABRondelORondelO - the first medical stopcock designed for sequential intraveneous infusion of incompatible drugsSweden2022
Eyescanner Technology
Sweden AB
EYESCANNEREyescanner is a versatile digital tool that can use existing tech infrastructure: smart phones, integrated into
cars, hospital equipment.
Chassis Autonomy SBA ABTrueSbWFail-operational safety – making autonomous vehicles a realitySweden2022
EMBEDL ABEmbeDLFaster and More Energy Efficient Machine Learning for Embedded SystemsSweden2022
Dxcover LtdDXCOVEREarly detection of brain cancer through serum spectroscopy: for much-needed timely detection and diagnosis
during the optimal treatment window, when lives can be saved.
United Kingdom2022
Gold Standard Phantoms LimitedPREDICTPRostate cancer Enhanced Diagnosis by Calibration TechnologyUnited Kingdom2022
Alesi Surgical LtdePIPACePIPACUnited Kingdom2022
DEEP RENDER LTDDeepVidDevelopment, demonstration and validation of AI-based video compression in accordance with the human visual systemUnited Kingdom2022
My Personal Therapeutics
AI-PDPApplying AI to scale up the Personal Discovery Process-A world-first, full-genome, personalised patient
clinical trial for cancer
United Kingdom2022
Afon Technology LimitedGlucowear non-invasive
real time CGM
Glucowear: A non-invasive, wearable, real time continuous blood glucose monitoring sensor.United Kingdom2022
Check Point Care LtdARCHANGELAdvanced Remote Continuous patient Health mANaGemEnt SoLutionBulgaria2023
Tampon Innovations LtdVMS - Vaginal Microbiome
Commercialisation and scale up of a Vaginal Microbiome Screening service with a menstrual tampon
collection device and a digital layer to provide diagnosis, disease risk evaluation and aftercare.
SAMPLIX ApSCellularityThe critical shift to single-cell formats in functional analyses of living cellsDenmark2023
Kvantify Aps.KvasirAcceleratorThe first utility-oriented, agnostic software platform for quantum-centric drug discoveryDenmark2023
Bifrost Communications Apsqc-rosaa Quasi Coherent Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly technology for improved access networksDenmark2023
Pibond OyIO-PRSilicon-Rich Materials for Advanced Semiconductor FabricationFinland2023
CurifyLabs OyPMedEnabling patient specific medicines using 3D printing in hospitals and pharmaciesFinland2023
SMART IMMUNESmart ProTcellSmart Immune ProTcell: first-in-class allogeneic thymus empowered T cell therapy platform for fast and
durable immune system reconstitution
vorteX.ioWHYLDWorlwide HYdrological Large-scale DatabaseFrance2023
Avelios Medical GmbHDigitising Hospitals For Better Patient CareFirst modular, interconnected, data- and AI-driven software platform for the digitisation of patient care in the healthcare industryGermany2023
Hybrid Lidar Systems AGLiSSA 3DNext Generation LiDAR for Automotive and Industrial Use CasesGermany2023
Nemysis LtdEndoprotease 40 (E40)First ever preventive treatment for celiac disease and gluten sensitivityIreland2023
Versono Medical LimitedFASTWIRETransformational crossing system to prevent amputation and treat complex chronic total occlusions in critical limb ischemiaIreland2023
TfI SeaSpringsMaking access to the ocean affordable through our SeaSprings mooring solutionIreland2023
PARAGATE MEDICAL LTDFILBERTAn innovative implantable device and management platform to prevent chronic fluid congestionIsrael2023
Naco TechnologiesNaco TechNovel nano coating process to empower the green hydrogen revolutionLatvia2023
COVAL ENERGY BVGAFTProduction of High-quality Fatty Acids Feedstock for use in SAF ProductionNetherlands2023
inBiome B.V.Molecular CultureWorld’s first diagnostic test that can detect all bacterial species in a single assayNetherlands2023
Ocean Grazer B.V.OCEANBATTERYUnlocking the full potential of renewable energy with the Ocean BatteryNetherlands2023
SentryX B.V.OPERASOpioid-free Pain relief for Enhanced Recovery After Spine fixation surgeryNetherlands2023
Spiking Neural ProcessorAlways-On Intelligent Sensing with the Spiking Neural ProcessorNetherlands2023
STIL B.V.STABILISStabilis – Providing relief for tremor patientsNetherlands2023
VITESTRO BVVD-1The World’s First Autonomous Blood Drawing DeviceNetherlands2023
BEIT Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnosciaCOMFTQUAEnabling efficient computation on fault tolerant quantum computersPoland2023
BAC3GEL, LDA.Bac3GelNew generation of substrates to harness the full power of microorganismsPortugal2023
iLoF - Intelligent Lab on Fiber, LdaiLoFIntelligent Lab on Fiber: AI-augmented photonics to identify and quantify disease biomarkersPortugal2023
POLYFLY SLHoverPollinationHoverflies as a new class of managed pollinators for better quantitative and qualitative yields of vegetable,
fruit and seed crops
MEDICSENSORS SLSONOPHORESIS SMARTPATCHSonophoresis smartpatch for pain-free, controllable, and wearable transdermal drug deliverySpain2023
Elonroad ABElonroadOn-the-go charging system for heavy electric vehicles in ports and other closed loop applicationsSweden2023
Nobula3D ABNOBULANobula – Breaking the glass ceiling in Additive Manufacturing through laser-assisted glass 3D printingSweden2023
Inossia ABSMART-SOFTInossia Cement Softener - a new and unique additive to bone cements to revolutionise the treatment of vertebral fractures in osteoporotic patientsSweden2023
Momentum Bioscience
SepsiSTATDisruptive diagnostic for bacterial infection directly from whole blood in patients with SEPSISUnited Kingdom2023
CONTEXTFLOW GMBHScaling generation AI chest CTIntegrated AI-based Clinical Decision Support for RadiologistsAustria2023
arcsec NVDeDUSTDebris Detection Using Star TrackersBelgium2023
Convert Pharmaceuticals
TUMAGNOSTICA disruptive hypoxia activated prodrug for the treatment of resistant cancers: an AI-driven approachBelgium2023
Rehaler ApSPAREMAPArtial REbreathing for Migraine with AuraDenmark2023
SUBRA A/SSUBRACABLEMaking Superconducting power grids a feasible solution for EuropeDenmark2023
Better Medicine OÜBMAIEmpowering Radiologists in Cancer Diagnostics with Artificial IntelligenceEstonia2023
GeneCode ASKevadBioDeveloping a novel Parkinson's disease drug using small molecule mimetics of Glial cell line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF)Estonia2023
Ligneasy OyLignEasyWorlds first sulfuric acid-free kraft lignin recovery systemFinland2023
CephalgoADAPTEA novel and accurate emotion recognition system for real-time and continuous patient monitoring in
DIOGENX SASDiogenXBeta-cell recovery to counter diabetesFrance2023
Giskard AI (SAS)GiskardQuality Assurance for AIFrance2023
GREENERWAVEGreenerwaveThe first high-performance, low-cost flat panel antenna terminal at Ka band to unlock the full potential of satellite-based broadband communicationsFrance2023
PLENESYShyplasmaA clean and cost competitive hydrogen production solution near the end user thanks to an innovative plasma
methane pyrolysis technology
PanntherapiPANNEXINPannexin 1 – a novel target for pediatric orphan epilepsyFrance2023
Cellbox-Solutions GmbHCELLBOXInnovative transport of “in culture” cell-based materials ensuring product safety, quality and functionGermany2023
LUBIS EDA GmbHOverSemiOptimisation of a novel software tool for automation of the design & verification process of semiconductor developmentGermany2023
Angiolutions GmbHSTAAART SmarT
Abdominal Aortic AneuRysm Treatment
World's first device-based treatment for small abdominal aortic aneurysms based on revolutionary new treatment paradigmGermany2023
Twinsity GmbHTwinspectFirst fast and automated (<5 min) AI-based inspection to increase operational safety of large critical infrastructure, e.g., bridges, dams, and oil & gas platforms and refineriesGermany2023
BIOSIMULYTICS LIMITEDbiosim m2mBioSim M2M: Molecules to MedicineIreland2023
Celtic Biotech LtdCB24Development of a natural therapeutic treatment for late-stage lung cancer patientsIreland2023
Luminate Medical LimitedLILYLILY: A Breakthrough Technology to Prevent Chemotherapy-Induced Hair LossIreland2023
Hooke Bio LtdMEra - Micro EraMera - Ethical, accurate drug developmentIreland2023
Escala Medical LTDapyxThe first non-surgical repair for Pelvic Organ ProlapseIsrael2023
Butterfly Medical Ltd.MPRDInnovative, minimally invasive Medical Prostatic Retraction Device for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Patients in the office settings.Israel2023
NeuReality LTDNR1AI-centric Server on Chip for increasing complexity and scale of AI inference applications, enabling the scale
of real-life AI applications.
BIOPROTECT LTDProSpaceBioProtect Balloon Implant System – Enabling Safe Prostate Radiation Treatment even at extreme dosageIsrael2023
X-trodes LtdS-trodesReliable Medical Grade Home-Based Test for Self-Use for people with Sleep DIsordersIsrael2023
Finapp srlfinapp cosmic ray neutron sensingScaling up the FINAPP Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing probeItaly2023
HPCC System srlNbyNThe New Generation Needle by Needle Knitting MachineItaly2023
MORPHOTONICS BVAR-R2PMass Manufacturing Augmented Reality (AR) Waveguides via Roll-to-Plate NanoimprintingNetherlands2023
ORANGE QUANTUM SYSTEMS OPERATIONAL BVHTQC-DiagnosticsHigh-Throughput Quantum Chip DiagnosticsNetherlands2023
Genewity B.V.i-THYMUSThe i-Thymus: wielding the potential of gene therapy, cell therapy and induced pluripotent stem cells for the regeneration of the thymus and the adaptive immune systemNetherlands2023
THIRONA BVLungQ-CareFacilitating personalised Lung Treatment Decisions through a Deeptech AI Clinical Decision Support SystemNetherlands2023
Magneto B.V.Magnetocaloric heating
and cooling
Disrupting the cooling and heating industry: a revolutionary green, energy efficient and cost competitive
magnetocaloric technology platform
Mu-G Knowledge
Management BV
PATSPATS: Eliminating pesticides!Netherlands2023
PAMGENE INTERNATIONAL BVROUTINEcanceR agnOstic immUnoTherapy predIctioN blood-tEstNetherlands2023
Excess Engineering ASElectric Actuator (The missing link)Electrification of heavy machineryNorway2023
PICTERUS ASPicterus Jaundice mHealth platformBringing newborn care home: An integral mHealth solution for neonatal jaundice management.Norway2023
WIDMO CitiesProviding complete subsurface information of the urban areasPoland2023
Hydrumedical, S.A.HYDRUSTENTHydrogel Biodegradable Ureteral StentPortugal2023
Oils4cure S.L.oils4cureOils4cure: finding an effective drug to alleviate Refractory Epilepsy, one of the most severe symptoms in the pathology of Tuberous SclerosisSpain2023
MiMARK Diagnostics, S.L.WomECReshaping women's health through the understanding of gynecological fluids. WomEC: Antibody-based IVD test based on 5 novel protein biomarkers quantified in liquid biopsySpain2023
ENERPOLY ABEUROZIPEUROZIP: European Zinc-Ion PlantSweden2023
NEOGAP Therapeutics ABNEOpTTLInnovative approach to an Individualised T-Cell Immunotherapy for cancer, using Personalised Tumour
Trained Lymphocytes (pTTL) that is reliable, cost-effective, scalable and easy to implement
Molecular Attraction ABSemioMVCMosquito-specific phagostimulants and pheromones for environment-friendly mosquito vector controlSweden2023
Lumi Space LtdLumi SLRRevolutionising space sustainability through precise and scalable Satellite Laser RangingUnited Kingdom2023
CRYPTO QUANTIQUE LIMITEDQRYPTONQuantum secuRe crYptograPhy to secure IoT devices in deep submicrOn NodesUnited Kingdom2023
Newrotex LimitedThe Oxford Nerve ConduitA breakthrough silk-based solution for treatment of peripheral nerve injuryUnited Kingdom2023
Wave Photonics Ltd.Wave PhotonicsThe platform to unleash the transformative potential of integrated photonicsUnited Kingdom2023
Zero Point Motion LtdZPM IMUZERO POINT MOTION LTDUnited Kingdom2023
DIMETOR GMBHNEDUNANEutral Data host for UNcrewed AvitationAustria2023
Swave BVHXRHolographic eXtended Reality (HXR) for true Augmented Reality (AR) and lifelike immersive displaysBelgium2023
VALCUN BVMMDUnlocking serial Aluminium Additive Manufacturing with Molten Metal Deposition technologyBelgium2023
N-FIX NVN-SpireNovel and Scalable microbial products for REgenerative agricultureBelgium2023
QUSTOMDOTQustomDotHighly efficient, heavy metal-free color conversion ink technology for microLED applicationsBelgium2023
CARBOMINER LIMITEDC-DACDirect Air Capture for on-site CO2 utilization in greenhousesCyprus2023
RESOTHER PHARMA APSCardioProtectMIA new cardioprotective drug for acute treatment of myocardial infarctionDenmark2023
DynelectroHiFiMetHigh-efficiency 1 MW Dynamic Electrolyser Unit for cost-efficient production of PtX-based green methanolDenmark2023
ODICO A/STopoFormTopoForm – robotic printing of large-scale topology optimised composite construction formworkDenmark2023
RAIKU Packaging OÜRAIKU bio packagingOptimization, demonstration of natural, biodegradable packaging from wood in desired shapes for various industriesEstonia2023
PEPTINOV SASAnti-IL-6A breakthrough active immunotherapy for the treatment of osteoarthritisFrance2023
AURORA SASASCLEPIOSAdvanced Sterilization Capability with Low Environmental footprint for Patient Infection Optimized SafetyFrance2023
Autonomous Clean Water Appliance RoboticsCleanWaterPathfinderAutonomous robotics and digital TWIN to improve water network performancesFrance2023
Ever DyeEver DyePlug-and-play sustainable dyeing solution to help the textile industry reduce energy costs and environmental impactFrance2023
REST THERAPEUTICSFENM4PTSDDevelopment of a novel class of therapeutics for PTSD treatment and other neurodegenerative disordersFrance2023
HEPHAISTOS-PHARMAIVI-BoostIntraVenous Immune BoostFrance2023
ErVaccine TechnologiesOVACellDevelopment of a cell immunotherapy targeting non-conventional tumor antigens in ovarian cancerFrance2023
Sarus TechnologiesPrivacyForDataAIA privacy layer to power all research and AI workflowsFrance2023
VSORASUPERCHIPScalable Unified Processor Enhancing Revolutionary Computing, Harnessing Integrated Performance for Edge AI, Autonomous Driving, Generative AI, and Decentralized AIoT ApplicationsFrance2023
TAFALGIE THERAPEUTICSTAFALGIEThe first in-class non-opioid drug for treating moderate, severe, and persistent pain with no addiction nor toleranceFrance2023
TOOPI ORGANICSToopi-RegenToopi Regen: Unleash the power of urine to finally scale a real closed loop and regenerative farming systemFrance2023
UROMEMSUroActRestoring a normal life and dignity for women and men suffering from severe Stress Urinary IncontinenceFrance2023
QuantumDiamonds GmbHDIAMONIQDeveloping First-in-Class Diamond-based Quantum Microscopy for immediate semiconductor industry
HBOX Therapies GmbHMiRAMiniaturised Respiratory Assist to treat acute lung failure patients using a breakthrough hyperbaric technologyGermany2023
SOLAR MATERIALS GmbHPRISMPanel Recycling and Integrated Solar MaterialGermany2023
QuantPi GmbHQuantPiFirst automated risk management platform to enable safety, fairness, explainability, and continuous monitoring of generative AI systemsGermany2023
VIDEANTIS GMBHVIVIDEurope’s first unified and versatile processing platform architecture in 5nm technology with proven scalability
from edge to central high-performance solutions with unmatched cost and power efficiency
LynXes Innovation Kutato és
Fejleszto Kft.
LynXesNew impetus to materials research - democratizing a frontier research toolHungary2023
D-ORBIT SPAASTROLIFTAutonomous Spacecraft Technology for Repair Operations, Lifespan Improvement and Flight TestingItaly2023
3BEE SRLBiodiversity CreditsClear, scalable and scientific framework to measure terrestrial biodiversityItaly2023
NANO-TECH SPAC-PREG 400High-temperature, flame retardant, recyclable and low environmental footprint composite material for aerospace industryItaly2023
AXELERA AI B.V.Axelera EuropaA novel hardware & software platform to revolutionise artificial intelligence at the edgeNetherlands2023
CHAINCRAFT BVCircularChainThe development of a full scale plant for the production of sustainable medium chain fatty acidsNetherlands2023
Skytree B.V.DDACDecentralised Direct Air Capture The most sustainable, affordable and scalable way to produce clean CO2 on
Deftpower B.V.VPPofEVsScaling the largest VPP made of EVsNetherlands2023
Nanopower ASNANOPOWERIntelligent power management integrated circuits for a greener, more efficient Internet of ThingsNorway2023
TARGTEX SAnPL4GBMClinical validation of NANO-PL: a hydrogel-based formulation of a small molecule for a highly targeted
therapy against Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)
PICADVANCED, SAPIC-FASTPhotonic Integrated Circuits For Access System in TelecomPortugal2023
SEA4US - BIOTECNOLOGIA E RECURSOS MARINHOS, S.A.Sea4MarketClinical validation of a novel non-opioid analgesic derived from the Portuguese sea for treating chronic painPortugal2023
PEPTOMYC SLMYCureXFirst-in-class myc inhibitor: the making of a breakthrough cancer therapySpain2023
NIMBLE DIAGNOSTICS SLNIMBLE SystemThe NIMBLE System: A novel non-invasive and non-ionizing medical device for the continous monitoring of patients with implanted cardiovascular stents"Spain2023
QUSIDE TECHNOLOGIES SLRPUQuantum-based Randomness Processing Units (RPUs) for High-Performance Computation and Data SecuritySpain2023
Acorai ABAHMAcorai Heart Monitor - Non-invasive multi-sensor device for heart failure monitoringSweden2023
Zigrid ABZiGrid TechnologyShifting Waste Heat from Problem to PowerSweden2023
SolasCure LimitedAurase Wound GelLeveraging biomimicry and evidence-based medicine to treat patients with chronic woundsUnited Kingdom2023
Strolll LimitedNavigAItNavigAIt, an artificial intelligence application for augmented reality glasses to provide intelligent on-demand
cueing to assist everyday walking for people with Parkinson’s disease anywhere, anytime
United Kingdom2023
REMBRANDTRapidly accElerating Mof-Based soRbents as A Novel Decarbonisation Technology.United Kingdom2023
D-CRBN BVD-CRBNPlasma-based point-source CCU technology to recycle CO2 into added value chemicals to decarbonize hard- to-abate industriesBelgium2023
Smart Farm Robotix OODRoboAIweederA fully autonomous solar-powered lightweight weeding robot, using AI for plant recognition, precision
contact and contactless weeding methods suited for hard soils, hilly terrains and arid climates.
Golden Devices GmbHACTIVATINGAdditive Manufactured Automotive Antenna for Autonomous DrivingGermany2023
UniverCell Holding GmbHC2C-CSACustomized 21700 cylindrical cells for special applicationsGermany2023
FERROELECTRIC MEMORY GMBHFe-NVRAMSolving the scaling challenge of the memory industry: high-speed, low-complexity and low-cost non-volatile ferroelectric memory (Fe-NVRAM) made in EUGermany2023
QUBEDOT GMBHiSMILEiSMILE - integrated scalable microLED enginesGermany2023
Lumoview Building Analytics
LumoGen1Pioneering automated building digitisation with Lumoview for empowered decision-making in energy-
efficient building renovation
Omegga GmbHOmeggaThe world's first low-cost in-ovo sexing solution to finally end chick cullingGermany2023
O11 biomedical GmbHRESPILIQRESPILIQ - enteral CO2 absorption for the therapy of hypercapnic lung failureGermany2023
HYME STORAGE APSHYSEHYdroxide Salt Energy Storage InnovationDenmark2023
AptaTargets, S.L.ApTOLLApTOLL: An innovative neuroprotectant to reduce brain damage in Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS)Spain2023
FASTBASE SOLUTIONS SOCIEDAD LIMITADAIOO - Improving IOIOO: a novel assay to predict patient response to immune checkpoint inhibitors, optimising patient stratification to these therapies and tripling solid tumour patient outcomes in immuno-oncology.Spain2023
MIQROScalable Quantum Cryptography for Ultra-secure Communications in Metropolitan NetworksSpain2023
PlexigridPlexigrid: Plexar Operated GridsSpain2023
IQM FINLAND OYBIGQECBuilding industrial-grade quantum computers with error correction and mitigation capabilitiesFinland2023
SpinDrive OyMAGMA X100The smallest, most affordable and efficient active magnetic bearings for ultra-high-speed applicationsFinland2023
Basemark OyRocksolid ARMaking Driving Safer with Augmented realityFinland2023
VEXLUM OYSEMIQLEAPNovel Semiconductor Lasers for the Industrial Quantum LeapFinland2023
Look Up SpaceATLAS2Acceleration Towards LEO Automatic Space SafetyFrance2023
Defacto Technologies SASEmpoSoCA Paradigm Change for System-on-Chip Design to Enable Higher Performance with Lower Time-to-Market
and Cost
ION-XHYPERIONThe Most Efficient Space Propulsion Ever Put in SpaceFrance2023
QfluidicsQFLUIDICSThe first non-clogging continuous flow reactor technologyFrance2023
Pertinent eco-solutionsVERANOGroundbreaking biocontrol solutions for a resilient agricultureFrance2023
Womed SASWOMEDWOMED: an innovative intrauterine biodegradable polymer-based drug-delivery platformFrance2023
MBRYONICS LIMITEDStarCom OISLStarCom Optical Inter-Satellite Link.Ireland2023
NECTIN THERAPEUTICSNTX1088First-in-class anti-PVR mAb NTX1088 - a novel oncology drug that unlocks the power of human immune
system and revolutionizes cancer care
NovelradNVCDMinimally invasive suturing for vascular bore closure and heart defect repairIsrael2023
BETAGLUE TECHNOLOGIES S.P.A.BAT-90A Novel ‘Radiotherapy from Within’ Platform Technology for the Targeted Treatment of Solid Tumours Called ‘BAT-90’Italy2023
MOI COMPOSITES SRLCFM4IndustryContinuous Fiber Manufacturing for IndustryItaly2023
SILK BIOMATERIALS SRLKLISBioSilk fibroin tissue grafting for peripheral nerve repairItaly2023
FLASC B.V.FLASC HPESA novel Renewable Energy Storage System tailored for Offshore ApplicationsNetherlands2023
ReLifeA new life for people with severe disabling cluster headache: Neuromodulation therapy using safe, minimally-
invasive simultaneous stimulation at the front and back of the head
DoMore Diagnostics ASHistotype PxPrecision biomarker based on digital pathology and artificial intelligence to guide fast and cost-effective personalized treatment decision support for colorectal cancer patientsNorway2023
Ocean Visuals ASOWLHyper-Spectral Laser Induced Fluorescence LiDAR to detect Submerged Oil over Water in real-time on a molecular level.Norway2023
DELOX - INVESTIGACAO, PROCESSOS E EQUIPAMENTOS CIENTIFICOS, LDADeloxAirDelox Air - Continuous air bio-decontamination compatible with human presencePortugal2023
Cellfion ABCNF MembraneDevelopment and manufacturing of forest-based membranes for electrochemical energy devicesSweden2023
Compular ABCOMPULARAdvanced Simulation Software With Patented Method Optimised For Battery DevelopmentSweden2023
Millow ABMEATLOWInnovative patented dry fermentation technology for cost-effective and highly nutritious production of hybrid mycelium-plant meat analoguesSweden2023
GEDEA BIOTECH ABpHyphBreakthrough dual-action OTC tablet for treatment and prevention of both bacterial and fungal vaginitisSweden2023
QLUCORE ABQIandQDThe first IVDR-approved commercial software solutions for AI-powered RNA-based companion and precision cancer diagnostics of acute myeloid leukaemia and bladder cancerSweden2023
POWERFUL MEDICAL s. r. o.OMI AI ECG ModelOMI AI ECG Model - application for more accurate heart attack diagnosisSlovakia2023
LightSolver LtdLightSolverAn All-Optical computer for solving Hard Optimization ProblemsIsrael2024
Ore EnergyF-AIR BATThe first European scalable, ultra-cheap and easily deployable long-duration energy storage solution, based
on iron, water and air - The missing link to accelerate the EU's energy transition.
KITEMILL ASAWE-KM2Airborne Wind Energy: Innovative KM2 AWE System by KitemillNorway2024
Argo Active AntennaDevelopment finalization and optimization of Argo Semi Active Antenna Catalyst to revolutionize sub-6GHz 5G wireless systemsGreece2024
Phaseform GmbHDeltaSTARDeformable Phase Plates for Adaptive Optics applied to Ophthalmology and MicroscopyGermany2024
Hyperion Robotics Oy3DgeocarbonCarbon negative concrete 3D printingFinland2024
INSPEKMultiSpekAn innovative on-chip multi-sensing platform for single-use biopharmaceutical applicationsFrance2024
ABSOLUT SENSINGAIMAccelerating breakthrough Innovation to monitor, control and reduce Methane emissions.France2024
Onego Bio LtdBioalbumenNovel precision fermentation process to produce animal-free bioidentical ovalbuminFinland2024
VAXDYN SLK-VAXClinical validation of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria global vaccine platform through the first vaccine against
Klebsiella pneumoniae
MULTI4 MEDICAL ABMulti4Multi4 - the first surgical instrument for bladder cancer treatment through a 20-minute outpatient procedureSweden2024
AURA AERO SASERAERA - Electric Regional AircraftFrance2024
LATITUDEZEPHYRDevelopment of an innovative GPM for the ZEPHYR microlauncherFrance2024
FiCATNext generation gene writing platform to cure genetic and oncological diseasesSpain2024
Atamyo TherapeuticsATA-100Smart, organotropic gene therapy designed for optimised efficacy, patient safety and affordability to treat
limb-girdle muscular dystrophy-R9
Carbon Atlantis GmbHCAPTURECarbon Atlantis Project to Undo Residual Emissions - construction and deployment of a minimum viable
product the Gen3 stack capable of capturing 500 tonnes CO2 per year from the air.
SolmeyeaC - 2C - ProteinInspiring CO2 circularity by introducing carbon transformation to our platesGreece2024
NoPalm Ingredients BVNoPalm OilA unique fermentation platform for the production of a local, circular, and sustainable alternative to palm oil
from bio-waste streams
ALTRATECH LIMITEDUbiHealthTransforming Molecular Diagnostics through NanoTechnologyIreland2024
EYE4NIR srlCHEERSChip-scALe visiBLE-iNfrared imaGing sEnsorItaly2024
Nurami Medical LtdNuramiMedical nanofiber technology to prevent cerebrospinal leakage in neurosurgeriesIsrael2024
AUDIRANon-Destructive Fully Automated Subsurface Metrology and Inspection for the Semiconductor IndustryNetherlands2024
Chipiron SASAMRIAccessible MRIFrance2024
tozero GmbHToZeroBringing Lithium-Ion Battery Waste tozeroGermany2024
Bio-SourcingBioMilk-mAbThe scale-up of the BioMilk platform: The revolutionary approach to manufacturing of biopharmaceuticalsBelgium2024
CHERRY BIOTECHASTEROIDMulti-organ toxicity and efficacy test platform for Personalized medicine & Drug developmentFrance2024
Ceramic Data Solutions
Holding GmbH
CerabyteCerabyte - a ceramic data storage system for global IT & cloud service providerGermany2024
Mifundo OÜEU-CREDIT-AIVerified and Passportable Financial IdentityEstonia2024
PHARROWTECHSWIFTNext-Gen Wireless Chip and Antenna Tech for Wi-Fi 8Belgium2024
KIUTRA GMBHCRYOFASTDemocratizing Cryogenic Measurements for the Quantum EcosystemGermany2024
FononTech Holding B.V.Impulse PrintingThe first-ever mask-based technology for faster, precise, and sustainable printing of 3D interconnects for the
display and semiconductor packaging industry.
ThermalBoxA Power-to-Heat Long Duration Energy Storage for decarbonizing the industrial thermal processesSpain2024
SPACTORYSPACTORY, revolutionising pharmaceutical development and manufacturing through microgravityIsrael2024
DIAMANTERevolutionizing Autoimmune Therapy: Antigen Specific Immunotherapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis with Virus
OminiCardioCapThe first heart failure therapy management point-of-care device with multiplex and multimodal sensorFrance2024
Deployables Cubed GmbHISM4EuropeIn-Space Manufactured Solar Array providing highly cost-efficient power generation for SmallSats and In-
Orbit Servicing; enabling European non-dependence and competitiveness in space technologies
Spherical Systems B.V.SPHERICALHigh-performance Satellite Avionics Powered by Agile Semiconductor Design.Netherlands2024
QUIX QUANTUM BVQUQUPQuiX Quantum Universal Quantum ProcessorNetherlands2024
RaidiumFoundRaFoundation Model-Based Biomarker Platform
for Radiology and Clinical Trials
BLIXT TECH ABX-VerterX-Verter®: Cell-level Controlled Battery System enabling software defined powerSweden2024
VCG.AI GmbHVCGValue chain generator to accelerate the European transition to circular economyGermany2024
RHPK7RΕΗΕΑΤ: REcycled industrial HEATAustria2024
Turn Energy GmbHTurn2XDecarbonising industry with Renewable Natural GasGermany2024
Reophotonicsio600A cutting-edge digital dispensing system for next-gen electronics manufacturingIsrael2024
APMONIA THERAPEUTICSACT-MATRIXNovel peptide-based therapeutics for reprogramming the tumour stroma extracellular matrix using molecular
modelling and computational engineering
Impact Biotech Ltd.IMPACTImmune Photo-Activated Cancer Therapy for the Treatment of Upper Tract Urothelial Cancer (UTUC) and
other solid tumours
Catalyxx Procesos
Catalíticos, SL
RenewChemFirst of a kind bio n-butanol industrial facilitySpain2024
RAAAM Memory
Technologies Ltd.
GCRAMFull qualification, testing and commercial deployment of a unique on-chip memory technology offering the
highest-density embedded memory in a standard CMOS process
QC DesignQPRINTSFault-Tolerant Architectures and Software for Scalable Quantum ComputersGermany2024
Last Mile Semiconductor
SECURE-ESecure and Efficient Chipset for Uninterrupted Reliable Connectivity in EuropeGermany2024
WELINQ SASSQOUTScaling-up quantum computers with quantum memory linksFrance2024
Ingenious Membranes S.L.ExcaliburUnlocking operational excellence in water desalination plants by nanoscale fouling sensor technologySpain2024
Proxima Fusion GmbHCSFPPCurrent-free Stellarator for Fusion Power PlantsGermany2024
MELT&MARBLE ABMelt and MarbleHarnessing the immense potential of precision fermentation to produce animal fats for the next generation of meat and dairy alternativesSweden2024
Delta Cygni Labs OyXRTCReliable, Efficient and Fast Industrial Internet: A High-Resilience, Low-Latency API acceleration for global and
interplanetary industrial services
Dunia Innovations UGDunia.aiAccelerating the discovery of high-performance electrocatalysts through artificial intelligence and robotics
PharmNovo ABPN6047-DOBRAPN6047 - a breakthrough treatment of neuropathic painSweden2024
FYCH TECHNOLOGIES SLReMLPReMLP: Recycling Multi-Layer PlasticSpain2024
Marvel Fusion GmbHCFE-NANOCommercial Fusion Energy with Short-Pulse High-Intensity Lasers and Nanostructured Fuel TargetsGermany2024
IMPLICITYSignalHFDevelopment and clinical evaluation of an end-to-end Heart Failure management solution powered by
predictive AI
TILT BIOTHERAPEUTICS OY2-CREATEPhase II trial with Immune Checkpoint Response Enabling Adenovirus TechnologyFinland2024
Skypuzzler ApSSkypuzzlerSkypuzzler – Solving the puzzle in the skyDenmark2024
OSTEOforUNIONDrug solution for bone fracture nonunionsCroatia2024
Bio2SkinBio2Skin, the first clinically skin-preserving biomaterial replacing silicones/acrylate as medical skin adhesivesPortugal ​2024


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