Rasph is designed to help eligible EIC Accelerator applicants apply for €2.5 million in grants and €15 million in equity financing. Rasph was created by Stephan Segler, PhD, and helps applicants to create their best application.

Rasph further contains a variety of helpful articles that summarize current changes regarding the EIC Accelerator, reports on updates and informs future EIC Accelerator applicants regarding the newest European Innovation Council (EIC) Work Programme, EIC Accelerator cut-off dates and the submission links found on the Funding & Tenders Portal of the European Commission.

Other helpful resources are the complete list of the currently eligible countries, a full list of all EIC Accelerator Beneficiaries as well as insightful summaries on the EIC Accelerator’s Strategic Challenges which are technology topics requested under the program.


Successful Clients

Electronics & Engineering

Grant agreement ID: 190173163

Increasing the efficiency, sustainability and lifecycles of battery systems through advanced module-level power electronics

AI & Software

Grant agreement ID: 190120980

A Digital R&D team member, automating scientific knowledge handling, allowing European R&D to increase their speed of innovation

Robotics & AI

Grant agreement ID: 190116067

Automated Lithium-Ion battery upcycling process using robotics and computer vision to deliver sustainable energy storage at scale

Chemistry & Energy

Grant agreement ID: 190155898

Automated production process for next-level redox flow battery stacks and modules following a revolutionary different and cost-optimised production approach

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