EIC Accelerator Overview


The EIC Accelerator: A Boon for DeepTech Companies


The European Innovation Council’s (EIC) Accelerator program stands as a pivotal supporter of DeepTech companies. By offering a blend of grants and equity, it addresses the unique challenges faced by these innovators, providing a much-needed boost to bring groundbreaking technologies to market.

The EIC Accelerator’s Unique Position

DeepTech companies, characterized by their focus on cutting-edge technology, often face significant hurdles in funding and development. The EIC Accelerator, with its tailored approach of blended financing, offers up to €2.5 million in grants and €15 million in equity financing. This substantial support is crucial for startups and SMEs grappling with the high costs and risks associated with DeepTech innovations.

Addressing DeepTech Challenges

DeepTech ventures typically involve long development cycles and substantial capital investment. The EIC Accelerator’s model provides the necessary financial backing and stability, allowing these companies to focus on advancing their Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) without the constant pressure of fundraising.

The Impact of Equity Financing

Equity financing through the EIC Accelerator is a game-changer for DeepTech startups. This funding not only provides financial resources but also brings in strategic partnerships and market validation. Equity support can be instrumental in scaling up operations and achieving market penetration.

The Role of Grants

Grants from the EIC Accelerator are equally significant. They offer a non-dilutive funding option, allowing innovators to retain control over their companies while securing the funds needed for research and development. This aspect is particularly appealing to startups prioritizing innovation and long-term growth.

The Application Journey

Applying for the EIC Accelerator is a rigorous process, requiring a well-prepared proposal and pitch deck. The involvement of professional writers, freelancers, and consultants can be instrumental in navigating the application process, especially in aligning with the EIC’s criteria and expectations.


The EIC Accelerator program is a critical ally for DeepTech companies. By providing both grants and equity financing, it addresses the unique challenges faced by these innovators. For startups and SMEs in the DeepTech sector, engaging with the EIC Accelerator can be a strategic step towards realizing their ambitious technological goals.

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