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EIC Accelerator Training

EIC Accelerator Interview

  • EIC Accelerator Basics

    Briefing on the basic rules for the EIC Accelerator such as funding requirements, Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) and more

  • Interview Strategy

    Ideal interview preparation by selecting interviewees, expertise and allocating answers

  • Pitch Script

    Developing the script for an impactful EIC Accelerator interview

  • Questions & Answers Training

    Extensive Q&A practice for the EIC Accelerator Jury questioning

  • Final Advice

    Custom guidance to minimize the risk of rejection and maximize success chances based on the training

Successful Clients

Electronics & Engineering

Grant agreement ID: 190173163

Increasing the efficiency, sustainability and lifecycles of battery systems through advanced module-level power electronics

AI & Software

Grant agreement ID: 190120980

A Digital R&D team member, automating scientific knowledge handling, allowing European R&D to increase their speed of innovation

Robotics & AI

Grant agreement ID: 190116067

Automated Lithium-Ion battery upcycling process using robotics and computer vision to deliver sustainable energy storage at scale

Chemistry & Energy

Grant agreement ID: 190155898

Automated production process for next-level redox flow battery stacks and modules following a revolutionary different and cost-optimised production approach

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